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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A boat's not like a car. You've got no breaks and can't make quick turns.
A comedian. Is that how you broke your nose?
A partial list of the major investors in Webistics.
A sports store charges tickets in bulk?
Agent Harris! Who's your friend?
And there's nothing they can do for you?
Anthony, Anthony.
Anthony! Anthony, dig!
Anyway, I gotta go. I'm meeting them there
As long as the two of you are happy
Be right back.
But like I told the officers..
But that's the friend that was almost carried off by the ducks, right?
Come here and kill the thing.
Come on
Come on in.
Did you let them in the house?
Don't give them an in
Don't worry. You put it on different credit lines.
Especially my boy
Fever dreams.
Fuck all youse. Bygones are never bygones
Fuck blue, red sells.
Fuck that. He's never getting paid anyway.
Fuck this.
Fuck you, Tony.
Get the fuck out of here with that.
Go to sleep. You don't make any sense when you talk.
God damn it
He almost came in second. You should've seen his face
He desperately wants to vindicate himself in the only way he knows how:
He needs some street smarts.
He was wallpapering my dining room.
Here. You better... I don't know.
Hey, I lived in New Mexico until I was 11.
Hey, Uncle Junior
His hatred for the enemy...
Holy Cross! I mean, Heather didn't exactly walk away with lo cazzo.
How we doing with them airline tickets?
I don't know.
I don't want another Christopher on my hands. Look at him.
I fucking deserve it.
I get it. But let me ask you something
I got something for you.
I had to come forward to help you find them
I haven't seen Tony in a while.
I know you are, Beans.
I open my mail and it's a lawsuit! It's a fucking lien on the building!
I said that the first time we met.
I want to fuck you
I was just thinking about you and what happened this morning.
I'd forget about any deli trays coming your way in the future.
I'd let you, but if the harbor master sees, we'll get in trouble.
I'm Detective Harold Giardina. From the Essex County Task Force.
I'm dying!
I'm nauseous! Oh, Jesus! Oh, fuck!
I'm proposing to you to get your button.
I'm starting to feel it now too.
If she wants it all...
If you knew Soprano was planning something..
In the meantime, you donate, get your picture up, you inspire people.
Is that the time? I'm gonna barely get Natalie to tap
It's a bust out. When you can't pay them...
It's a good idea. He adores you. He never spends enough time with you
It's bittersweet, this period
It's for you.
It's just that..
It's not fucking funny.
It's not my fucking head
Jesus Christ.
Keep this between us. You know how your mother gets.
Kid was 23 or something.
Know what, leave me the fuck alone. I'll make up for the swim meet
Lawyer up, whatever, it's your call. Just name the time.
Let's go, Harry.
Let's look at it.
Like I said, you had to be there.
Lilliana, can you get that?
Look out, stop! On your starboard! Look out!
Married's good enough. The husband doesn't matter, I respect the ring
May I ask who the dead man was?
Maybe you should lamb chop it for a while
Meadow, are you sleeping?
Midlife crisis? You can talk to me
No joke, Sal. You don't want to see my darker side.
No, Dad. We're just going to the mall. We go there sometimes
No, I'm talking about opening up.
No, it was the mussels! They came up undigested!
No. Shut them off
Nobody's gonna see.
Not with this.
Nothing federal that'll link you.
Now in real life, he does some things that annoy me.
Oh, fuck! Fuck!
Oh, Jesus
Oh, okay.
Oh, Pussy.
Okay, thanks a lot. Okay.
On your way out, can you roll the garbage down? Tomorrow's pickup day.
Our daughter is graduating high school.
Pleased to meet you. But if you don't have a warrant, get out.
Put the heat up.
Richie, wait
Sal knew it was today. I told him. He's so self centered.
Say it's for promotion. Customer of the Year, Salesman of the Month...
Sells for twenty dollars.
She even really exist?
So I don't need anymore psychiatry today.
Sorry. Right.
Spare you all those fucking visits to the hospital.
Spring snow. Happened when my parents got married. Won't last.
Take the backboard out. I'll be down in a second.
Take the money, Beans
Take the money. You can whack it up with the foundation.
Thank you
Thank you, Beans.
Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you. Goodbye.
That other poor prick they found dead.
That's not a mistake.
That's what you tell me.
The airline tickets came in
The best exercise. Works every muscle group.
The end? It's planned bankruptcy
The kids are safe in their beds. They love you.
The worst part of this is, it's one of those times I know I'm dreaming.
They gotta be all red. Just do it, please.
This is definitely him.
This is so cool.
This shit comes from my end. Wait a minute. I take it back
Time and tide wait for no man, right?
Tony Soprano, weak in the knees. Can't stand the heat?
Unless you can pay us the principal you owe.
Until then, get on the horn and order.
Vegas, huh?
We could've phoned. We paid the courtesy of a visit
We got any good tequila?
What about that other place, Georgetown?
What are you doing?
What do you got for me?
What's it mean?
What's wrong with you?
Whatever seems to be dominating your thoughts.
Whatever, I don't know
When did they flip you? Tell me. Don't lie.
When do they realize I'm not paying and call the cops?
When Indira Gandhi got assassinated...
When your fucking credit runs out, Diamond Jim.
Where are you going?
Where's Pussy?
Who gets chicken and peppers?
Why you making me do this, you fat fucking miserable piece of shit?
Won't it raise a flag with the travel agency?
Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. I should've called her.
Yeah, right. We don't need to see this.
Yeah, sure
Yes, I suppose it is. At root.
You are the biggest threat to yourself.
You believe this shit? Fucking June. My daughter graduates in a week.
You don't owe them anything.
You go off on a racist rant about Indian food...
You gotta take it.
You knew.
You know how that boy loves you
You know what?
You mean, be like a fucking poster boy? Is that what you mean?
You put a Nigerian on the street, have him sell these...
You're always worried about ruining the felt
You're the one that's fucked up.
...put three cases of that in my car. You got it.
...simply changed his or her mind? I don't know what happened. the spinal injury foundation. I'm gonna walk again, Tony.
And for dessert, the kids can make their own chocolate pasta.
And we count noses. Okay
Christine, I'm so glad you stayed. I kind of wanted to
Come here. No way
Come on. Go ahead.
Did she say she was knocked up? Who?
Don't yell at me! I'll fucking yell at you!
Fuck of a way for it all to end, huh? Yeah.
Fuck you. Now you're really in trouble.
Got a safe? Yeah, why?
How we doing? All right
I apologize. Okay
I heard you and Charlene split up... Christine.
I just wanted to say again... No, please, it was a crazy thing.
I'm busy. I can see that.
In the kitchen? Yeah
Let me die! Should we maybe go to the hospital?
Let's get out of here. Yeah, we should go
License and registration, pal. Hey, Tony, what are you doing here?
Mister! Yeah.
No, you don't. I do.
Nothing? This is the FBI, Ton
Now he's fucking with mine? What should I do?
Oh, yeah. Okay. Just throw some clothes on. Come on.
Put it here. Put that on the store tab.
Talk? About Matthew Bevilaqua.
The sneakers are from Tony. Cock
There's a man here to see you. Who?
This is where you sleep? Yeah, sometimes
Top of the line! After a whole Indian dinner?
Want to steer? Yeah.
Well, he's busy. Carmela, my husband has a disease
What do you mean? Did you fuck me?!
What's going on? With what?
What's the matter? Spider
Where on the fucking fridge? I knew it!
Why, because I'm a paraplegic? My idea was for you to donate it...
You promised to be at his swim meet. Oh, shit, I forgot
You're in no shape for disharmony. You and I both know he's gotta go
...and do well." Kid needs to toughen up.
...and everything I've done, and everything I will do..
...and those with young children and those requiring assistance.
...everybody wants one, nobody has any idea how much they cost.
...for a couple bucks apiece, who's not gonna say, "Fuck it, give me one"?
...since Jill, there hasn't been anyone to talk to.
...that bothered you
...that kind of thing.
...what didn't happen.
"It should be you
"Our true enemy has yet to reveal himself."