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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A rarin', tearin' hunter
After breakfast, you can take to the woods and get us a deer.
Ain't nothin' to be sad about, Katie girl.
And prove there's nothin' to it
Best doggone dog
Best doggone dog in the West
Cash money is all we need to get a tight tail hold on the world.
Come back, Yeller
Come back, Yeller
Don't you dare hit your brother.
Got mad dog bit, he did.
How come?
I guess he made about 10 mile.
I haven't ate like this...
I'm gonna be all right!
If he'll pick up one kind of snake, he'll pick up another.
In any scrap he knew just what to do
KATIE: Come in the house and I'll tell you about it
Now you take a bobcat and a fox..
Now, honey, it ain't nothin' to cry about.
Now, them hogs was mean, but they weren't mad.
That wolf was mad.
The image of his pappy
To a boy who's just been hog cut?
We don't get some rain pretty soon, this country's gonna burn up bad.
Well, I guess it is gettin' on toward dinnertime.
Well, I guess so.
Well, you were sick too. How come they didn't shoot you?
When you're done, will you play with me?
Yeah, well, she ain't much for size,
Yes, Yeller
What do you want? Bring Old Yeller to the house.
Whatcha doctorin' with? Prickly pear root.