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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A boy brought me to you
A name is who you is.
After he was sent off to settle a gambling debt,
After that, you double back to the farm.
After they kill me or... or sell me?
Ah, Cyrus.
Ain't never been safe to be a slave
Ain't no good side for no slave.
Ain't the truth, Daddy
All I ever heard was how you wanted
All right.
Almost pretty as me.
And I can't keep this family together
And I will name you Kizzy.
And I'm for the Union lines.
And if he does, in two weeks, we'll declare victory.
And it must be stopped.
And you don't seem so foolish
Are you guys ready?
Ask your ****** who is he,
Battery, fire!
Boy, you was thin boned as a sparrow when I left.
Brings peace and pride to us all.
Brought me straight to you
But if you face him, he can read lips.
But some white men ain't never gonna let it go..
Can you help me? Maybe you can. Maybe you can't.
Can't control Frederick.
Can't hardly feel my feet.
Can't hold them off!
Charles Montpelier.
Come on, Daddy
Come on, now.
Come on!
Come on. Keep it moving, Daddy
Common sense abandoned this country long ago.
Confederate officer, Major John Marrett,
Did you fall?
Do what your grandfather would do.
Don't trust these tough buggers one bit myself.
Double canister
Every last one of them.
F Frederick!
Get down, get down
Get in here! Come on!
Go wherever you want.
God's watching over you
Gonna sneak on a barge going north.
Got you a life with fancy folk in England.
He can get a gun and fight.
He pay you a little?
He remembered how Kizzy said Kunta Kinte came to visit her,
Help me!
Help us kill him on his way south,
Her folks here?
Hey say Robert Lee... he know he done for.
Hey, boy. Hey
Hi, Li'l Kizzy.
How do we stop three riders, Tom?
How long has he been on your farm?
How the hell do you know that?
How'd you find me, boy?
I ain't got no choice.
I ain't like my daddy.
I ain't much good with words.
I believe slavery is evil.
I don't want no more.
I figure I got some new stories now.
I got lots to teach you about Kunta Kinte.
I heard it from a white man down at the courthouse.
I know you my first baby not born a slave
I was a damn fool.
I'll fight two wars for 13 dollars a month.
I'm back from England.
I'm giving you a chance to learn how to work a field
In ships where untold numbers died
Into his old ways playing to the crowd.
Irene, give me the baby?
Is this all the bread you could find?
It's just natural law.
Just like her daddy, Kunta Kinte before her.
Just one, and I'll send you to Richmond.
Just stop there!
Just talk to her
Keep moving.
Kill that Major... my whole family be at risk, too.
Major Booth's dead, but I'm sure Major Bradford
Man gave me this.
Miss Malizy?
Mm hmm
Move that punch. Them Rebs ain't waiting on you!
Murray. Benjamin Murray.
Neither one of us got a scratch on us.
No way to prove you working with me.
No, Frederick, I forbid this!
North Carolina law's clear.
Not on my farm!
Not to me
Not unless it stands up and beg
Notes on our troop movements.
Now with all this war talk, can't keep my shop open.
Now, get going now.
Of course, with a little bit of prompting,
Oh, hang on
Oh, no.
Oh, that... that was nothing.
Ol' Nathan Forrest couldn't kill us fast enough
Once we have the intelligence,
Or I don't know if the sky looks the way it's supposed to be,
Ready! Fire!
Right here, sir. Got these special England papers
Run, run!
Shut up!
So I can be the father I want to be
Son of Omoro and Binta Kinte from Juffure
Stealin' from white folks, too
Stop 'em for sure.
That we can get married one day.
That's far enough!
That's who he is
The truth can never be known.
The war has confused many honorable people, son
The war might be over,
There once was a boy who was taken from his family
There was a time when we were working together, I felt..
These folks don't know where it come from.
They shot them all... all the colored boys.
They'll blame us, not you.
This is, uh... this is my Lily Su.
Tilda, you know this boy?
Tom Lea!
Tom's the one massa depends on.
Took out 20 men
Toomey, what's all the fuss?
We don't have stuff for ******s.
We're getting quite the collection on the farm.
Well, you need to state your business.
Well... godspeed
What few good things I done, that the blood of my granddaddy.
What's new, boy?
What's taking so long?
What's wrong, son?
When he sees a ****** in a blue uniform.
When we leave here, you gonna be just fine.
Where they gone?
Who we are...
Who's gonna cook and clean?
Why was he working for you?
Within 90 days and never return.
Would mean something different..
Yes, sir, he can fix a rifle,
Yes, sir.
You ain't welcome here
You give me one name...
You going the wrong way, George.
You gonna wait there and let me
You have a job, boy, at your battery.
You know Massa Frederick don't like you around here.
You need to get on your feet, move out
You pray in a church to a loving God,
You walked your feet out them dirt hills.
Your name is Toby. Now tell me your name.
"A"? Mm hmm.
♪ Oh, how long, how long ♪ No! No! No!
♪ Before the sun goes down? ♪ Stop! Stop! Stop!
Blue cloth on his head
Come on. Let's find us Memphis Battery.
Don't stop! Go. Get that side arm, George.
Hey, you know that old boy? Mnh mnh.
I'm gonna kill them. You won't get two steps! Move!
My daddy's a fool. Son.
No, please! Hold him down!
Right here. Hey, hey, hey, say, boss.
Why can't we, George? Stay right here.
with all that money you won in England. Both of you, stop this.
Yeah, we're ready. All right, baby.
♪ At the end of a desert, ♪
♪ Goin' home to live with God ♪
♪ New beginning... ♪
♪ With God ♪
100 pounds on the red.
♪ Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh
♪ And when the night fades away, ♪
♪ I walk through it
♪ No more to see her lovely face ♪
♪ Oh..
♪ The sun comes up
♪ Trouble of the world ♪