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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A 73 year old retired farm worker with diabetes.
A big, fat, funky, nasty, stanky, black,
A bitch is a bitch.
A combination of the words "thug" and "magnificent."
A couple of months later.
A cult? That's gay.
A fly little emergency setup over here and
A jail ****a was good enough for momma,
A limited edition collectable sneaker line.
Aah! Is that a Gibbs Aquada?
Aah! Oh, I'll never forget the day.
Aah! Oh, my God!
About being a freeloader, you smell me?
About legal matters? What does your lawyer say?
About Patterson's disease? Yes
About talking to anybody about anything?
About the safety of the First Family.
About victory.
About your safety,
About your special friend?
Absolutely. I'm looking forward to it.
Actually are coming to get you.
Agency or Unit or...
Ah, man!
Aha, yes.
Ahem. How y'all doing?
Ain't no sweat, partner.
Ain't nothing cool.
Ain't nothing thugnificent
Ain't shit cool about jail, nyukka!
Ain't that a bitch? Good. He can take your ass
Ain't that a bitch.
All I have is a 5.
All in favor of bitches?
All right, bring it back. There.
All right, I'll take that for now.
All right, up to you,
All that money for?
All y'all motherfuckers on my friends list.
All you did was turn the water on and hand me a paper towel.
Alleged suspects.
Almost each of them.
Always walking on eggshells,
And a big old tittied white woman
And a feature film starring Jack Black.
And a woman's desires.
And action.
And all he had to do was die.
And an instant message, and a MySpace message,
And apologize for putting Riley in danger like that.
And cut out the ****,
And damn it, I don't care.
And easier to just kill 'em. It just is.
And entertainment to last several lifetimes.
And get ready to start apologizing.
And get that ass squirting toilet out of my house too.
And go back to how you were.
And he ended up running down the street
And he talking about he wanna come watch me die.
And he's gonna walk out of that prison with his rectum
And he's just really, really fit...
And heterosexuals second.
And his peace of mind intact.
And home repair service provider?
And how am I supposed to die in this fucked up chair?
And I also tried to send you a telegraph at the station
And I am very sorry. I just would like to move on
And I can tell you it's always faster
And I can't have a friend?
And I don't really mean it. You mean you do mean it.
And I enjoy pork, orange juice,
And I even tried to make a dance, ****a.
And I felt me and Barack deserved a party.
And I got to meet him. Was he everything
And I have perfect credit.
And I hope this apology impresses you
And I hurt people and I smoke with "cigawettes."
And I really, really, appreciate, you know,
And I say good for him.
And I wanna apologize to all of you
And I wanna do an album with him.
And I'm never, ever gonna do it again.
And I'm preparing for my audition.
And I'm very, very sorry about your impending demise,
And if they be like,
And indifference becomes equal to hate.
And just 'cause you technically our uncle,
And lead a normal life.
And may God bless the United States of America.
And my holy water.
And say, "Hey," and they say, "What?"
And she definitely can't die here.
And since we ain't crew no more,
And so much more.
And some ice cream and cake for your fucking funeral.
And stop Riley before it's too late.
And that mission
And that one is out of here. Not a good start for Freeman.
And that reminds me, man.
And that, that's Huey's half of the room.
And the cops, he gonna be like, "Oh, snap, Riley a real ****a,
And the lives of those around you.
And the strong love of a black, African, beautiful,
And then we say, "This is our block.
And then you turn all Bobby and Whitney on us.
And these beautiful, muscular gifts from God,
And this is something we wrote together.
And this.
And thus oddly likeable.
And to prove it, tomorrow I'm going to prison.
And watching Real Housewives of Compton.
And we've been waiting for this matchup all day and...
And what you doing here?
And what's gonna get us through this difficult time?
And when I go onstage, Jesus wants me to become her
And work on, like, some art and sell art
Annual candy sale fundraiser.
Any kind you want.
Anything can happen in there. We going inside, Mr. DuBois.
Anything else?
Are arriving in droves for the inauguration of Barack Obama.
Are gonna be right here, rooting for you all the way.
Are there any others like you?
Are you afraid your wife will have
Are you supporting Barack Obama?
Are you sure he didn't say "kick"?
Are you sure he's the guy to listen to
Aren't you doing it? The fundraiser.
As a family. Yeah, boy!
As far to say that I love this ****a, no homo.
As if they Internet scams
As well as possession of a mostly smoked
Asked the manager for some overtime and he said:
At 3 years old I was taken to the National Kickball
At least Riley loves his granddaddy enough
Audition? Like an acting audition?
Aw, shut up, boy. Stop hating.
Away from gangs and guns? Heck, no.
Barack Obama is an evil man.
Barack Obama, yes.
Be calm, take it slow.
Beating up the coochie?
Because Huey said...
Because it will give you much needed exposure.
Because you are not important.
Because you are. I'm retired.
Because you got a white bitch?
Beers is cold and the bitches ain't sweaty.
Before I get to capping. I ain't lying.
Beggars can't be choosers, motherfucker.
Believe that.
Benefits? Shoot, girl, why didn't you say so?
Best, you know what? I'd love to be paid in white bitches.
Billy Dee Williams?
Bitch ass, nyukka!
Both of y'all get friends and I can't have a friend?
Both y'all is out.
Boy, I don't have time for your crazy bull crap.
Boy, what's going on? What did I tell you
But check it, check it.
But dead? He would have been a national hero.
But early on in the day there were signs of trouble.
But he ain't really dangerous,
But how can I do that
But I always ordered the chicken pesto.
But I brought no blade, no pipe, no bat.
But I consider myself to be the next best thing.
But I didn't use any of that stuff, I just had to pee.
But I don't think I can keep supporting us
But I have bought each of you a brand new pair of sneakers.
But I just don't want you
But I love me some Jesus, and I love me some you.
But I think there are government agents...
But I think you should keep that option open.
But I'd hate for you to have a bad experience
But I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
But I'm here tonight to talk about you.
But I'm like, hey, I did my part, you know what I'm saying?
But I'm not interested in your ultimate contest.
But I'm taking it slow,
But it is the right thing do.
But it just seems like they're making
But Jesus wants us to be actors first,
But just me and the ball alone is no kickball.
But Ma Dukes is a woman,
But Michelle, Sasha, Malia, myself and Bo
But Mr. President, this man has conspired to...
But not good enough for you, huh?
But now I need to win this game against the Chinese.
But really it's a prison camp for athletes
But see y'all wouldn't know nothing about that shit.
But Sergeant Gutta just posted a response to you on YouTube.
But somebody's gotta kick people in the nuts
But the joke's on him. I ain't gonna give
But there's just enough truth to make me examine myself
But they pay us in white bitches?
But this was long before the days of Terrence Howard.
But Thugnificent sounded pretty sure.
But Tom, what happens if he goes to jail?
But war is bad for business.
But we do have an even more powerful weapon.
But we do our best to scare the living shit out of them.
But without the piano skills
But you all right with me.
But you don't act. Don't act?
But you know, whenever you wanna holler at your boy,
But you make art that talks bad about darkies.
But you must give yourself to Jesus first, Robert.
By being a professional buffoon.
By his rap moniker Thugnificent.
By the third inning they'll be pissing and shitting
By trying to find some mutual understanding,
Calm down! Now we taking over the prison.
Came up with one match.
Can we leave now? Yes.
Can't just have a woman's clothes.
Candy bars for the school fundraiser, silly.
Celebrities, dignitaries and Civil Rights legends
Change it in the script.
Check it out.
Clint Eastwood type white man.
Come on, boy. Come on.
Come on, guys, that's us. Moving out! Moving out!
Come on, what's a cop gonna do to me?
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Compassion for our fellow man.
Congratulations, Robert.
Daddy? Daddy is coming here?
Damn bell done rang. Come on, let's go.
Damn it! Argh! Pause it, boy.
Damn ****a. Out, I say.
Dan Stucky. Dan, what's pissing you off today, buddy?
Dedicated thespian. Oh!