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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And ads on television geared to this market and white markets
And the nurse said, "Don't forget.
But I don't think it would be wrong of us to pursue it in some way.
But this bad behavior is new.
Damn it, what is with you people? I don't know a damn thing!
Did you get any sleep?
How was it?
I didn't mean to upset your wife, and...
I even called in. Like the prison can't run without me.
I have an RCA.
I haven't seen anybody in an hour
I know that you're expecting a child, but she already has a little brother.
I'll shave you and then give you a quick low enema
I've been thinking about my situation here,
If I may. Bert, Roger,
It's not a good time for me, Don. Do you know how expensive this city is?
It's not gonna happen, Peggy, not now. I'm fighting for paperclips around here.
My goodness. Of course. Here, take mine.
So I can prepare you for delivery. This part should be familiar.
So there's a chance I'll see you the whole way through.
Two months at Grey and you're already having a nosh?
We're going to have lunch, you know.
Would make you the same profit as a 2% increase system wide.
You came here because we do this better than you,
You do know me.
You have relationships with your clients. That's leverage.
You know what? I know it.
You'll be okay. You're a house cat
You're wasting paper.
"I want what he has." Really?
An RCA. Really?
Come. Join us. What is she doing here?
I believe it's empty. I gotta go.
I want to go home, you bitch! Please relax!
I'll see what I can do. Good.
It's not, but I'll have one. Right now?
No. I just felt I should call and apologize
Okay, so it's me. What are you doing here?
Roger. Dada.
Television. The air, not the sets. Now, Admiral Television sales are flat.
We know that, too
What are you doing out of bed? I smelled something.
What? Please, I have to see her. Please, she's in recovery, resting.
Who are you? It's me.