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Tremors (1990) Soundboard

Tremors (1990) Soundboard

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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All right
And we have never recorded anything like this
And you two must be Val and Earl
Be advised, however, there are two more
Between us and Bixby but nothing.
Burt, cut it out
Burt, get out of your basement. Take your radio
Burt, listen. We found out what's been killing people
Burt, you asshole. There's no bullets in this gun.
Camp out down below and just wait for him to die?
Can't you see we're sinking?
Cannon fuse
Come on
Come on, Nancy. Let's don't get personal about this thing.
Damn it. l am going to kick his ass.
Damn. l lost. Guess l will have to do it
Did you get one?
Did you notice anything weird a minute ago?
Does it smell like that because it's dead?
Don't move.
Find ourselves some real employment.
Fresh meat
Gee. Wow.
Geographic isolation.
Get in the truck.
Get ready.
Get something. Get something. Get me out of here.
Get up, come on.
Give me your hand. Give me your hand.
Go back for Christ's sake.
Go, go, go
Go. Go. Go. Go.
God, l hope they're not broken.
Good Lord
Good luck, shithead
Handymen, Earl. We are handymen.
Help me.
Hey, guys, wait.
Hey, it must have grabbed us. That's why the truck stalled out.
Hey, l think they're going for Burt's
Hey, Melvin, why don't you give us a hand?
Hey, Rhonda, what's the name you call those things?
Hey. Hey, shut up.
Hey. Hey, you okay?
I was in a stampede once.
Jesus Christ, Walter, you got a gun?
Jesus. lt's not like l don't have better things to do
Just because you're no good with a rope
Just hold on, Nancy
L can't believe we said no to free beer.
L did it yesterday. lt was bologna and beans.
L don't know
L don't know. They're pretty quick
L got a goddamn plan
L got a plan
L got it
L mean, like that Bobby Lynn Dexter.
L mean, we could make some real money on this thing
Live ones smell worse than the dead ones.
Look at it
Look who it is
Look, there're two different dust trails
Look, we arm ourselves, we set perimeters, we stand guard.
Lt's going. This one's going, too.
Lt's got me.
Man, we decided to leave this place
Maybe it's time we buy a new generator, huh?
Maybe they just gave up, you know?
Melvin, one of these days somebody's going to kick your ass.
Move it. Move it
Move. Move.
Nancy, get up on your roofs
Nestor, what's happening?
Nestor's not home tomorrow.
No more games.
No, but we could drag something, though
No, Jim, no.
Now that's not a bad idea
Now, exactly how many cows
Now, look, Val, you got to get to Bixby,
Now, look. The situation hasn't changed
Now. Come on. Come on
Oh, God damn it.
Oh, God. Please get me out.
Oh, my God.
Okay, $10
Okay, here's the plan. We don't even stop. We ride like hell.
Old Chang don't get his slick mitts on this for no measly 15 bucks.
Once they see the road is out and the lines are down
Pictures seem like a good idea
Run. Get in the house.
Shit. God damn.
Six hundred and forty.
Some kind of snake?
Son of a bitch
Son of a goddamn bitch.
Sorry, Nancy.
Take it. Take the bait
Take one of these,
Thank you, Edgar.
That l am the reason we're still in Perfection?
That means we're stuck. That pisses me off.
There's going to be major research, and l am going to be in on it
There's nothing left that can make it to those mountains.
They sit and goddamn wait till they hear something that sounds like lunch.
They're going to get him
This is like....
Too far. You threw it behind him.
Val, stop. They're coming. Be quiet
Val. Val.
Walter, you there? Come back
Was it a heart attack, Doctor?
Water filtration, Geiger counter,
Way to go
We can make it. We can make it.
We could pull a car behind it. l don't know.
We did it. We did it. We faced temptation and did not bend.
We have to go to Bixby in the morning.
We killed it.
We killed it. You got that? We killed that motherhumper. Come back
We still have to make it to solid rock. There's got to be some way
We will have to change that plan
We're all going to have to get out of here together, now
Well, if it isn't our old pal, stumpy
Well, that doesn't make any sense.
Well, what's the plan?
What should we do? What's going on?
Where the hell's your truck?
Where's the sugar? Rambo.
Yeah. All right
Yo, there we go. Solid rock
You and Heather go for help
You know how close l am to leaving this place right now?
You okay? Yeah
You reckon he hated Perfection more than us?
You see that?
You will have a heart attack before you get a chance to survive World War lll
You're hung up, l tell you.
You're hung up.
Oh, Burt. Hurry. Get up here
Okay. Yeah.
15 lousy bucks.