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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah heh heh heh
All right, yeah. Let's go
And back in the kitchen
Aw, what?
Be the bigger person, Sharon
Can't be healthy, delicious and gourmet?
Come on.
Dude, Mysterion, it's your parents!
Dude, whatever happened with those bullies,
Dude, where the fuck are we?
For months he was able to use his new powers for good,
From now on, we vote
Go on in, Bradley.
Gordon ramsay says you suck.
Henrietta! Your little brother wants to play with you
Here they come
How about a quick workout?
I don't think we're gonna last very long out here.
I don't want you here!
I made washin' dishes at the Olive Garden!
I reach the Gulf of Mexico in no time!
I think they still do.
I will never be one of them, and if you say it again,
I'm Tony Hayward.
If this works.
It's dead
It's my conscience, mom!
Let go of her, you piece of trash
Like I have mental command
Like I have time to go to a gym every day.
Look, we just believe that you have your goals and ways of doing things
Madness and made to serve as Cthulhu's cultist slaves.
Maybe the intense flavor of Mint will freshen things up!
Mintberry Crunch went to investigate the Gulf spill crisis!
Mom, you're the ****'s faithful butler.
Muff cabbage
My name is the little ****!
Next stop, New Orleans.
No, dude
No, we weren't in that stupid group.
Not enough huh?
Now go into sleep mode.
Now is my chance to make a move.
Now, olive oil does have a low smoke point,
Oh fuck yeah.
Oh you motherfucker.
Oh, my goodness. It's a fire
Okay, okay ! I can do this !
Oooh yeah.
Pan roasted!
Passengers waiting for Flight 73 to New Orleans.
Principal Victoria
Punched the villain's stupid, fat face.
Small to large sizes,
So now he can sear the shit out of it.
Sorry, kids.
Talk to me?
That's definitely the last of 'em!
That's what I'm saying!
The hero of the modern age!
There must be clubs like this all over the world.
They are all planning to destroy the world.
They just use to offer free beer at their meetings, so we would go.
This is my dream!
We can move on to yours
We had a country to protect
We've got to help these people
What is wrong with you!
What the fuck is that thing behind me?
What the hell I sent you...
What the hell?
Where is it?
Which would be a good deed and help people
Why are you doing this?
Why be offended
Yes, I... oh my God it's Bobby flay!
Yes, it is me.
You can tell she's cabbage.
You only gave me this bucket to poop in and it's full now
You're cabbage
You're nothing but cabbage
(Yeah! Why don't they listen!?)