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Moonlighting (1985) - Season 4

Moonlighting (1985) - Season 4

Play and download sound clips from Moonlighting (1985) - Season 4.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A baby?
A baby?
A baby.
A baby.
A big, big city bus and I'm the driver, see?
A blessed event Save for one ****ling bother
A blessed event Save for one ****ling bother
A chance? A chance to what, make sense?
A charity ball for the orphan society.
A cold blooded killing machine.
A company that actually rents formalwear accessories.
A company this size is very difficult to run.
A couple of green rocks nobody can even find.
A couple of hours ago...
A couple of small problems.
A couple towels, a razor, toothbrush.
A couple weeks from now I'll bring a six pack...
A cup of coffee, an egg salad sandwich...
A dare that's a prelude to embarrassment and disaster.
A detective with a few extra facts and an unresolved case.
A dozen airports yesterday, seven this morning.
A few weeks of home cooking, fix that in no time.
A few weeks?
A few years ago...
A friend?
A garter.
A hero of global proportions.
A hero who by comparison makes other heroes seem un heroic.
A hero who, if I were a woman, would be welcome to smear jam all
A job with absolutely no work involved.
A lady. A very beautiful lady.
A less exciting action piece might be more appropriate...
A little out of left field, but I think it's terrific.
A little souvenir.
A little touch of the businessman's butterflies.
A long, lazy, drawn out, boring tizzy...
A lot of it is my fault, but it is not all my
A lot of running, hopping, bopping around.
A lot of white wine drinkers out there tonight.
A lot.
A lovely, intelligent, compassionate woman...
A man you can live with, love with, perhaps even die with.
A man's beeper is It's kind of a personal thing.
A modus operandi.
A more humiliating experience I can't imagine
A mutual friend of ours, he don't like problems.
A new way of communicating. What if he was in the next compartment?
A night on the town, just a little gift from us.
A pet name, sweetheart.
A pilot makes a good choice as Mr. Right.
A pleasure, a real pleasure.
A real hero. A hero of global proportions.
A relationship between you and me?
A sandwich in the fridge with a note, "Thought you'd be hungry."
A scare like this must really make her miss the old homestead, huh?
A shindig. Here. When?
A sign.
A superior piece of sleuthing if I do say so myself, sir.
A whole lot.
A wingding like this that you're throwing...
A woman who feels as deeply about me as I do of her.
A woman's gotta be more than just a favourite chair, Bert.
A woman's sort of at the mercy of her hormones.
A year ago, I walked in that agency door...
About babies.
About last night, our little tiff.
About Miss Hayes, I hope congratulations are still in order.
About my wonderful husband, David.
About once a month, mine crash into the sea.
About this morning
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, doesn't it?
Absolved by your merest glance.
Accessorizing becomes more important than ever...
Across an ocean...
Actually sort of stupid, me telling you that you're having a nightmare.
Actually, her dress was off, but be that as it may...
Actually, not that it's any of your business...
Actually, sometimes I think Mom's still taking care of me.
Actually, what we think you think is not the issue, I think.
Addison wants me here in the morning...
Addison, this isn't fair. You can't turn me into anything you want.
After a while, the letters started to speak less of the garden...
After all those years of everything...
After awhile you learn to pick up on some of the signs...
After lights out...
After she got out of the hospital, she moved out here.
After that trustbuster!
Afterwards, I'll run you a nice hot bath...
Agnes and I are moving in together.
Agnes and I took a page out of your book.
Agnes DiPesto does nothing more for me than a Brillo pad.
Agnes is probably snoring that cute little snore of hers right now.
Agnes never stops talking about you.
Agnes, Agnes.
Agnes, don't go.
Agnes, front and centre.
Agnes, how many men have you been with?
Agnes, I am truly sorry, but what's done is done.
Agnes, I need to talk to you.
Agnes, I owe you and MacGilicuddy an apology for my behaviour yesterday.
Agnes, I'm your mother. Make a U turn.
Agnes, I've always admired your sunny disposition...
Agnes, if I knew that...
Agnes, if you had better judgement...
Agnes, please tell me we at least got the cost of living index.
Agnes, please, you know how I hate the word "famous."
Agnes, thank God you've come.
Agnes, the boss didn't get to where he is today...
Agnes, there's only one thing to do.
Agnes, wait. You can't leave me like this.
Agnes, what are you doing here?
Agnes, why are you being so nice to me?
Agnes, you and I have jumped into this game more than once...
Agnes, you can't go.
Agnes, you don't know...
Agnes, you sat down.
Agnes, you sat down...
Agnes, you're flushed.
Agnes, you're skin and bones.
Agnes, you're the only person I've told...
Ale. Ginger ale.
Alex, stop being so melodramatic.
Alex, your daughter just got home...
Alex. Alex, are you home?
Alexander Hayes, this is....
All 19 innings.
All danced out, I guess.
All he's gotta do is phone Jackie every once in a while...
All I did was show up and wait and then wait some more.
All I do is I strut around here pretending to be some hotshot...
All I knew was that I belonged here and that you cared...
All I see for certain are bars.
All my life I've been wanting to come here.
All of a sudden, they're down and out.
All of your life's priorities take a back seat to this child...
All right
All right
All right, 1 will.
All right, all right, here I go.
All right, come on out here now. We'll be right with you, folks.
All right, come on. I got you. Put your arm up there.
All right, everybody, into the bedroom.
All right, good, I'll call you later.
All right, I guess I won't have any either.
All right, just a little ragged around the edges, that's all.
All right, let's go.
All right, let's move it.
All right, let's shake it up.
All right, look, can we just skip the nightly routine, please?
All right, maggots, it's chow time. Let's move it.
All right, pull over. I'll drive.
All right, wait a minute, let's start with why she would.
All right, well.
All right, you're almost there. Come on.
All right!
All right.
All right.
All right. Did your water break? Where are the keys?
All right. I'll take this one right here.
All right. I'm impressed. She turned me into a horny toad.
All right. Short, short, long.
All that hostility's bad for your karma.
All the exercises.
All the way down.
All these wedding presents. Unopened wedding presents.
All this craziness, this whole attitude, it's all done.
All three of them get a headache, you go to a bar...
All we wanna do is have a happy get together.
All you can do is think about playing hall monitor?
All you have are your petty, selfish jealousies.
Almost a sell out.
Almost home.
Already played that scene too.
Alternate side of the street pronouns. I get it.
Although "okay" is a word with infinite possibilities.
Although in the AV Club, we used to call her Haddie Mayes.
Although there's a lot of controversy about what form of protein is best.
Although, I think maybe you do.
Alvin and the Chipmunks get back together?
Always being nervous, always being unsure.
Always out of town...
Always say no before the woman can.
Always, I repeat, always say no before the woman can.
Am I doing a terrible thing...
Ambitious men.
Amenhotep and Julius Caesar...
An act of faith.
An afternoon's work, a nice fee.
An engagement ring is a very powerful aphrodisiac, Mr. Wilbourne.
And "Il can be her kind of man." I mean, I'm ashamed of you, son
And a couple days ago, I came home from work and the door was open.
And a little sad.
And all I am, all I really am is a blowhard...
And all in all, I've done pretty well for myself.
And all of a sudden he said to me:
And also that what we are doing...
And always the same thing.
And apart from that, everything is as it should be.
And apparently has everyone and everything in it knocked.
And as a matter of fact...
And as businesspeople, we understand...
And B, if you are married, I know why.
And back....
And Bert and I did episodes of our own.
And Blue Moon does not need the services of Lou LaSalle.
And buy those two young ladies down there something...
And dads, you're not along just for the cruise.
And Dan said, "Well, I was just leaning back like this."
And do you care what it is?
And don't tell me how early it is in the morning.
And don't use a rag. Use a chamois.
And don't you come back No more, no more, no more, no more
And don't you dare hang up Until she says "I do"
And don't you dare hang up Until she says "I do"
And don't you dare hang up Until she says "I do"
And don't you dare hang up Until she says "I do"
And don't you dare hang up Until she says "I do"
And don't you dare hang up Until she says "I do"
And don't you dare hang up Until she says "I do"