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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All in the same place
All right. Now, here's what's gonna happen
All right. The secured satellite comms,
And he played all those Atlanta bars.
And I brought your friend. Oye, 'mano, she mine now.
And knows all about us, before they call Nicholas.
And she worked through your false identities,
And the tall Jamaican, who's she? Miss Jamaica?
Anything could be in those crates out of Odessa.
AWAC shot it.
AWACS, Coast Guard, U.S. Customs, that's all bad.
Bleaching it down.
But him,
But you got your tan in Miami?
Check your e mail.
Clear to the ILS runway 1 0 for the approach to Port au Prince.
Crockett. I'm on your right.
Departed Barranquilla
Did Christmas come early this year?
Did they prove she's alive?
Do you know how much I'm losing tonight?
Do you know whose load this is? It's José Yero's.
E from Holland, pirated software from China into Brazil
Everything I knew. Rico, I got to go home.
Five out of eight, and jumped parole.
For Customs, you say Monday.
For recovering that.
For what?
For you
Fuck you.
Gave up the Feds. Everything.
Get up.
Ghost. One blip, one plane.
Gloria? Sonny. Is Frank around?
Go ahead.
He needs to talk to you
He will run you into Cayo Sotavento
Here you go.
Hey, darling. Two Bacardi mojitos and a gin and tonic.
Hey, he just got on the 95 southbound from the 195 causeway.
Hi. Hi. How are you?
His day will come.
Hold on.
How long have you been working with the FBI?
How much?
I had to lay my eyes on you.
I know a place
I redid it.
I see you, I see a load we lost two weeks ago
I'd like them deputized as federal under OCDETF for the purposes of this case.
I'm on my way back.
In Colón, in Panama, a Malaysian freighter will transfer eight tons.
It's a pleasure. Hey, nice club.
It's okay, the harbormaster is my cousin.
It's the talk of a man.
Jesús gave her to me
Keep going. How long do you got? Good.
King Air 1206 Sierra,
Larry'll call you in the a. m. about quantity and money, time and place
Leonetta, it's Rico. Give me a call back as soon as you get a chance.
Let me see.
Let's go, sweetheart.
Lisboa. That's in Portugal.
Look, I know undercover requires aggression,
Lucinda somebody's wedding.
Meanwhile, it does not track.
Meet and greet?
Meet me in 15 minutes, Standard Park
Miami Dade PD Tech.
Milano's Pizza.
Move it, man. Run, run, run!
Neptune should ease up on the merchandise.
No Skynyrd.
No, no, no. Please, put it away.
Oh, yeah.
Okay, that's great. Yeah
Okay, we're on our way.
On the other hand, if what you wish is el plomo, the lead, then do that.
Open the door
Other than Nicholas, who the fuck knows you?
Possible. What does he need?
Rico, we got the Bentley
See you later, Rita.
She could be a white collar money manager. She may even be true love
So, the price, is it right?
Some outlaw attitude. You know, how else do you lie down with dogs?
Something's wrong.
Stay back!
Still no shooter.
That's the first thing they put through.
Then come right back
They knew one Russian was FBI from the get go, so...
They took Leonetta.
They're Feds, Russian speakers.
Was there a note with the flowers? What did the note say?
We a couple now.
We get will be at the First Avenue bridge.
We got to go. Rápido.
We haven't spoken to him in six months.
We'll grab a bite.
What can we do to make our backyard a paradise,
What else did Stevens tell you?
What is it? Alonzo Stevens
What shit have you pulled?
What's that?
What's the ask? What do they want?
What's up?
What's with number three?
Where are you? What's your QTH?
Who are we here?
Why do I not buy that?
Yeah, deal goes down another time, another place.
Yero hit me back.
Yero's middle management, part of a bigger transnational operation
Yes, I do.
Yo. We had them.
You don't have the time or the skill.
You don't...
You flash me yours, I'll flash you mine?
You know who they are? They are vertically integrated. They are...
You saying I lie to you? No, I'm not saying that...
You went to Havana, Cuba?
You're worried about me? Don't be.
Your agency can't know anything about how they do whatever it is they do
Zito, do you copy?
Sonny? Yeah. Who's this?