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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A ceremony which, when followed to the letter,
A silver skull.
A vortex,
Aah! Aah!
All right, let's try it again, now, shall we?
And I kicked Wolf man in the nards... Fat Kid, bag it. Okay?
And if it is?
And some wonderful artwork as well
Aw, man, Fat Kid farted!
Because, Sean, Patrick..
Blow a hole in Dumbo?
Bo Gus.
But I don't, Sir, 'cause... how rude
By human standards.
Can we go home, Sean? Oh, great.
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Drunken munchkin warehouse!
Del! Get outta there!
Die! Aah!
Do math problems. Stay home.
Do you really think that was a good question?
Don't go!
Don't look up.
Everyone, out of this room! Come... Ahh, ahh!
Get out of here, Phoebe the Feeb!
Get out of here! Get out of here!
Give it to me!
Give me some slack! What are you doing?
Go! Go!
Go! Look at that! It's dust!
Have a nice night.
He had to wear 'em so you wouldn't see his...
He had to wear pants 'cause those movies were made in the '40s.
Hey, guys, get over here! He's great!
Hey. Where's Fat Kid?
Holy shit!
How do we know the amulet's there, anyway?
How does that dog get up here, anyways?
Huddle. Huddle.
Huh? You like that?
Huh. Uhh!
Hurry up!
I appreciate that.
I know you are, but what am I? Infinity! Look,
I mean, when they send you to school, why don't they
I said it!
I said, You're an asshole
I taught him to talk.
I was some kind of monster myself? Hmm?
I'll help her!
I'm a werewolf now, but...
I'm depressed.
I'm glad you're gettin' major laughs out of this, Rich.
I'm goin' to, uh..
If I were a vampire,
Into Limbo itself
Is Horace.
It can be shattered.
It's his
It's important
Jesus Christ! We need some backup!
Let's go to our man on the street. Derek. Hi. I'm Derek,
Let's hurry a bit, shall we?
Like, really religious, Sean.
Look, I'm sorry.
Midnight... end of world. Remember?
Mom, do you know who wrote this book?
My name's Horace!
Normally destroyed. However,
Not a good answer. Doesn't make any sense
Not funny.
Ohh! Aah! Ohh!
Okay. Good
Okay. What we want to know is...
One hundred years ago!
Onto a bomb! Sean! Phoebe! Dinner!
Phoebe! Dad, no!
Phoebe! Oh, no!
Please don't go!
Please don't murder us?
Read it in German. Try.
Reads the magic spell from the book,
Rudy saved my life!
Say what?
Sean thought him up
Sean, it is a guy with an ax.
So, let me get this straight.
Some guy steals a priceless Egyptian Mummy...
Sweet dreams.
Thank you very much. Thanks
Thank you. I expect you boys thought
The amulet itself is fairly small
Then I wouldn't have a reflection.
There he goes
They are.
This 2,000 year old Mummy here, right?
Time is almost up.
Uh huh
Uh, stake through the heart
Uhh! He's gonna kill your son!
Uhh! Uhh!
We gotta go to a place where there's a lot of people.
We're the Monster Squad.
We're the Monster Squad.
What did I Miss?
What, Eugene?
Where are Steve and Judy?
Where dwell the damned.
Where you goin', Rudy?
Will open a hole
Will you speak English? I can't understand you!
Wolf man doesn't go to work. He's not, like, a guy
Wolf man's got nards!
Yeah, she is.
You bit me, you brat!
You draw pictures during Mrs
You got a certain 5 year old sister
You guys!
You tellin' me there was
You're not a virgin, are you?
You're the lame one.
RIGHT. What else?
♪ Best beware of the Monster Squad ♪
♪ Better run and hide ♪
♪ Close the cage and lock the door ♪
♪ Dance until your feet fall off ♪
♪ Dance until your feet fall off ♪
♪ Dance until your heart stops ♪
♪ Gotta get up, gotta get out ♪
♪ Hey ♪
♪ It's cool cool, it's cool ♪
♪ It's totally rad, it's cool cool ♪
♪ Mama can't help us, Dad don't understand ♪
♪ Monster Squad ♪
♪ No evil will escape my sight ♪
♪ No one can stop us now ♪
♪ Normal stuff won't stop 'em 'cause they live on hate ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ Party till your brains fall out ♪
♪ Put it in our hands ♪
♪ Rock until you drop ♪
♪ Rock until you drop ♪
♪ Rock until you drop ♪
♪ Rock until you drop ♪
♪ They be playin' for keeps, they be playin' for real ♪
♪ We got work to do ♪
♪ We got work to do, work to do ♪
♪ We're the Monster Squad, and the forces of evil ♪
♪ When the Monster Squad saves the world tonight ♪
♪ Whoo oo ♪
♪ Yeah, dance until your heart stops ♪
♪ You better rock me ♪