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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
According to the studies, this thing should go straight through the roof
Again. [Phone Rings]
All right. You're on
And arcades.
Atlantic City was beautiful and Donald was so romantic..
Bill... I told you, Billy. It's only for people in the company, so you can't.
But try not to worry
Can't believe you slept with him
Cardiological technician. Civil engineer.
Come on. Come on. You sleep with us.
Come out. Come out.
Everything's a fight with him.
Fine, Josh, you're a kid.
For crying out loud, Paul, I'm fine! I'm fine!
Give me the... Give me the ball.
Good bye
Good morning, sir
Have a couple of drinks. It's a party
He can't come from nowhere, Susan. He has to come from somewhere.
He doesn't want to go on it
He punched you because he's scared of you.
He's in that bathroom all night.
Here it come! Throw me the dough. Right here.
Here, take the purse. You can have anything that's in it! Go away!
Hey, don't worry about it.
I don't have any ideas for new toys or anything.
I know him.
I loved your ideas on the Squeezy Doll line
I mean, imagine having a boyfriend like that
I rented it. This is a real bow tie though. I tied it myself
I want proof that he's all right
I'll see you soon.
I'm gonna miss you too
I'm not really a big one for parties
I'm not sure we should do this yet
If he's going to steal second or something
If you don't have the money, don't show us your face over here!
Is it just recently, or...
It was... It was called George Washington
It's easy. All right.
It's me.
It's nice, isn't it?
It's not my fault
Kill her!
Kill the bitch. Kill the bitch. Kill her with a knife.
Let me grab a plate here.
Mm hmm.
Mm mmm
My tone is plenty civil
No, I haven't
No, it doesn't.
No. No, thank you.
Nothing at all
Oh, "wimpy"! Better luck next time.
Oh, maybe for a few minutes.
Oh, that's fine. That is... That's just great
Oh! It's in. Good. Point.
Oh. They said it was gonna take six weeks
Okay. ♪♪ [Continues]
Okay. But I get to be on top.
Projected sales are gonna go through the roof.
Right there. Sea Point Park, New York.
Shoot it! Yeah! [Boy Groaning]
Sit down.
So they have these cars that you can actually drive...
So you won't get lost.
Spreading leaves!
Susan, I'm not what you think I am
Take that off. Don't worry. I got it all figured out.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That's great
The video of the Giants Broncos Super Bowl and
Then you get 'em good and jacked up for three hours...
There's no ransom note, no prints. There's no nothing; [Barking]
They have these special shops where they do that.
Throw thermal pod.
Two zip. Just made it two zip. Ready? Okay, here we go.
Uh, we'll talk about this later
We could get some hot chocolate, you know.
We could market this on a comic book rack
Well, I can't right now. But I'll call you. All right?
Well, that explains it.
What are you doin' here so late?
What are you worried about? You're with me, right?
What's fun about playing with a building?
While their folks are still asleep
Why not? Why not? What did you do to him?
Will you excuse me?
With all the other men, there was so much to hide.
Yeah, I think it's something I should do
Yeah, well, I live right over by the river. [Beeping]
Yeah. Brennen. I gave it to you yesterday
You couldn't wish for a million dollars?
You didn't break it
You have my boy?
You hid in my basement when Robert Tyson was about to rip your head off!
You look good
You mean, like, a a rubber duck for the bath?
You need a whole other exercise for your thighs. It's true
You want a glass of water?
You work as hard as he does, and you're not like that.
You're... You're wonderful
You've got great ideas
Your son..
Billy, it doesn't mean... [Mother] Josh
Billy! Are you outta your mind?
Billy. Yeah?
Coleco? Zero.
Did you pledge? Yes, every morning
Don't hurt me. I'll prove it to you. Billy, please!
Give me the goddamn ball, will ya? No!
Go ahead
Gross. God, that's gross! Check, please.
Hey, great. They use H.P. 3000s. You understand all that?
Hi, everybody! [Woman] Hi, Josh!
Hmm. Why can't I just tell them what happened?
How 'bout Hasbro? Yes.
I made a wish last night. Oh, please, stop!
I won't have nothin' to do. You can get a job.
Is it a small? Oh, Miss Lawrence
Is that a trampoline? Yeah
It's 10:00 or somethin'. Mmm.
It's not a sport if you don't sweat. What about golf?
Josh! [Low Voice] What?
Look, I'm not gonna hurt you! [Screaming] Help! Help!
Look, my feet really hurt. Yeah? You want me to rub 'em?
Oh, my God. You're married. No.
Oh! Hey, hey, hey!
Remember about Cynthia
Sorry, sir. Sorry
That gone? Yeah
Want something to drink? Could I have a milk shake or something?
What if I can't sleep? It's probably better if you don't.
What? It's me.
Where do we go? Um, "Apply in person, MacMillan Toys."
Yeah, Dad, you said... Adam, we have guests
Yeah. Love to see where you live
Yes, Mr. Baskin. Thanks
You can't do that. It doesn't work. Why not?
You know that only costs 10 bucks to make? Get outta here!
You live here? Yeah.
You stole it? It's his emergency fund.
You work for me, don't you? Yes.
Your hair's getting longer. I got it cut yesterday
"Your hesitancy has cost you dearly
[Babbling] Yeah. Keep it a secret.
[Baby Crying]
[Bell Dings]
[Both Laughing]
[Boy] Come on! All the way. All the way.
[Boy] Thanks, mister!
[Child] Mommy! Make it stop!
[Clicking Pen]
[Coughing Continues] You okay?
[Door Closes]
[Door Opens]
[Door Opens] [Gasps]
[Father] You sure you want to go on this thing, son?
[Gasping, Laughing] Oh!
[Girl's Voice] One day, my prince will come
[Girl] Hey! Hey, you guys! Wait up for me!
[Grunting] [Material Ripping]
[Grunting] I think...
[Grunts] I get one more try. One more try.
[Gunfire Continues] Get down! Get down! Get out of the area!
[Gunshot] [Man] He's got my money. Get in!
[Horn Honking]
[Josh] Okay. I'm ready. Here I go. Here I go.
[Josh] Uh..
[Laughing] It's easy. Anybody could do this.
[Loud Thump]
[Machine Whirring, Clanking]
[MacMillan] This is really possible? Yeah
[Man #2] Stay away from here.
[Man Shouting] All right. Come on.
[Man] And I just need to confirm your address
[Man] So what happens when you run out of choices?
[Man] That's right. We're at the scene right now.
[Men Arguing]
[Mother] Come on, Josh. It's starting to stink up the place.
[Paul] Have fun last night?
[Phone Rings]
[Phone Rings] MacMillan Toys
[Police Radio Chatter]
[Receptionist] Yes. Hold on just a moment, please.
[Shouting] Okay. Another big one
[Susan] Mm hmm.
[Water Running, Faucet Shuts Off]
[Whispers] Bye.
[Whistle Blowing] Hands up!
[Whooping, Screaming]
♪♪ [Ends]
♪♪ [Singing]
♪♪ [Chorus Singing]
♪♪ [Continues]
♪♪ [Continues]