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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Big plans, to much paparazzos
Cuz root with no soul like Flip said, its sad (no sense not even in portuguese)
Forget about it i must be high
Forget about it, i keep high
Here we don't have the Death penalty but its similar
Hold on!
I'm looking forward to the end
Less inequality, less shot in the foot (its a expression that mean when someone do
Let, Let, Let me say what I think about this life, I need to much let off steam
Of assume the own responsibility
Ok, so lets go, say
Or are really bodies, all that things
Something and it goes wrong)
That, with no training, appear to be incompetent
The citizen from the other side, its impotent, but
The desire to kill of on Capitão Nascimento (Its a ficcional character of a movie
They say that the good defeat the evil
They tell me things like it were bodies
This song its really hard even in portuguese, a lot of things doesnt make a lot of
What do you have in mind, if anyone has something in mind
What value its what you own, not what you do
While i speak idiot things, guys are killing each other
Yeah, more faith, more religion