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And the elimination of insurgents.
Buddy, I told you. I got this event with the vice president.
He's counting on me.
I didn't say anything to anyone because I didn't want to upset you guys.
I got a call for you from your daughter.
I'll take care of it.
I'm coming home, Dana.
It's not one thing, Virgil. It's everything.
No, I'm serious, Carrie. I have a van full of equipment, a lot of it not exactly legal.
Taking a more militarized approach to intelligence gathering...
Tell me. The The yellow? His period of dormancy?
There are criminal charges pending. You shouldn't talk to him.
This is nothing but a turd. Let it lie.
Who was operating a terrorist cell from across the Syrian border...
Yeah. He was in mourning.
You deserved to know
Your office at Langley's being cleared as we speak.
Carrie. In a few hours...
Dana? Dad. Where are you?
Get out of my house! Dana, please, get back inside.
Just call him and make sure. Something is wrong with you!
Sir? Walden.