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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A cute young boy like you gotta think of a future lady friend in your life...
A player,...
All right.
All things considered in this cockamamie world, you're shooting par.
And dickin' someone like Darien?
And if I did...
And, significantly more attractive, your private secretary Janet.
Bluestar. Put all your clients in it.
Bud Fox, Jackson Steinem.
Bud, come to bed.
But, if you don't know, then... you don't know.
Come on, that's illegal. You wouldn't wanna get me disbarred.
Course, I'm taken.
Dad, I'm going to jail and you know it.
Don't cross Gordon. He'll crush you.
Don't worry, he's a tough old nut. He's got another 20 years.
Ever hear of the 60 hour work week?
Every ticket you buy must be marked power of attorney.
Excuse me, please.
Fifty, a hundred million dollars, Buddy.
Fine. Stay with the present management...
Frankly, Carl, I can't see giving much more, but, if you have any suggestions, I'll listen.
Fulham Oil, Brant Resources, Geodynamics!
Gekko makes $75m there.
Goddamn connection!
Guarantee? No sweat!
Guess he's giving lectures in how to lose money.
Have a good lunch, Buddy.
Hey... we're invulnerable on this one.
Holy cow! Did you get something from him? Teldar Paper, huh?
I don't want you losing your place in line.
I remember that deal. You were involved, Mr Gekko?
I think I'm falling for Bud.
I'd jump all over it if I were you.
I'll park some money in your account. If it hits, you get a big cut.
I'm closing the account. If he doesn't pay tomorrow, you pay.
I'm not gonna broker the rest of my life
I'm proud of you.
I've worked at Bluestar. I know my way around. I have friends there, inside.
If I were you, and I thank my personal God I am not,...
If the SEC found out, I could go to jail. That's inside information, isn't it?
If this guy owned a funeral parlour, no one would die! This turkey is braindead!
If we're in the black, I'll return part of the givebacks, pay goes back to current levels,...
Is the bank financing in place?
It doesn't talk back or steal the silverware.
It's gotta be a big hitter.
Jackson Steinem!
Jesus Christ! Listen, I hear all you guys on Wall Street are millionaires.
Like it?
Like this rug, for instance. A Bokhara. It's the finest of its kind.
Like when a father tells his son about a court ruling on an airline?
Like? (clears throat) Well...
Look at that.
Look, I can stay with the firm, and you're doing fine.
Look, I'm very impressed with your work, and I could use a tax break.
Mr Panos, I've been charting the growth of office space.
My father has worked there for 24 years! I gave him my word!
No, I thank you, Bud.
No, no, my dear, you've got to diversify.
No, no...
Not bad for a month's work.
Now, on a more inspiring note, the new office record...
OK, Buddy Buddy.
Only there's not enough to go around.
Or the chairman of the board of XYZ decides it's time to blow out XYZ?
Please, Natalie?
Plenty of six figure names in that zip code pile to cold call.
Produce a line of high quality antiques at a low price.
Right. Every day I say to myself that today could be the day. So will you marry me?
So long, Carolyn.
So the falcon's heard the falconer, huh?
So, I got a four o'clock and a five. One's an all cash type. Monique something or other.
Sorry, Jeff. Look, I loved it at 40. It's an insult at 50.
Sunshine, what's wrong? I think you got a bad case of puppy love.
Sure. Lots of guys at the track talk like that.
Teldar Paper, Mr Cromwell, has 33 different vice presidents,...
Thank you.
That is bullshit!
That scum built the company up with one plane and made something out of nothing.
That's right. Think about the job at Bluestar that Wildman offered you.
The FAA is gonna rule it was a manufacturing error in the door latch mechanism. I knew it.
The file's on the desk, Marie.
The hours are hell, but the cash is starting to tumble in.
The only difference is the Egyptians didn't allow unions.
The trail stops with you, understand?
The word is out, pal! Your union buddies are talking.
They love animals, but they can't stand people.
This is special. Anacott. Paint the tape.
This is your wake up call, pal.
Wake up, will ya, pal?
We buy everything in sight, but we don't pay over 22.
We got it nailed right down to the typewriters.
We got the Bleezburgs lined up to build condos where the hangars are.
What do you mean?
What I've come up with here is a basic three point plan.
What the hell's that supposed to mean?
When it hits 23, you go to Gekko and lower the boom.
Whoo! Marv, I just bagged the elephant!
Whoo! Oh!
Yeah, I'll see you shortly, I hope.
Yeah! I'm holding!
Yes, I'm Bud Fox. I have some papers for Mr Gekko to sign.
Yes, sir, I am aware of that.
Yesterday concerns my future. I need the info now, before the close.
You better go buy him a gift.
You get me in at a 45 degree angle. All the way in.
You got me.
You look like you've grown another inch, but you don't look so hot, Buddy.
You're not naive enough to think we're living in a democracy, are you, Buddy?
(child shrieks) Rudy Gazoodi! How's my cutie?! Viens ici!
(whispers) That's what you told us to say. Gimme that phone.
8,000 at a quarter? I'll take 8,000.
Buy yourself a new suit. What do I need a suit for?
Come in. Thank you.
Give us a hand. Do an honest day's work.
Hello? Hello.
Hi, Dad. Sorry I'm late.
Hi. Hello, Bud.
How you doing, Buddy? Great, Carolyn.
Thanks, Natalie. Have a nice day, Mr Fox.
That's great. This gets us out from under suspension.
What makes you think you can? I can talk to these people. They trust me.
Where's Lou? Right over there.
Will you do your own homework, Marv! What an asshole, man!
You should have something put aside. With the divorces I haven't had a chance.
You understand that, Mr Fox? Sure.
..20 March gold and sell 10 September Deutschmarks. Right. Talk at ya, babe. $18 a share,... the international debt market. good.
..there was accountability to the stockholder.
..we took a little loss today.
(Darien shrieks)
* Baby, kiss me
* I love...
* In other words
* Let me see what spring is like
* On Jupiter and Mars