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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And you, Walker, will have no one...
Chill, dude!
Don't be afraid.
Enjoy your swim, fellas.
Especially when they side with the enemy.
Guys, we made it back to the den.
Hey, look!
Hey, mac!
Hope it wasn't an ancestor.
I found it!
I think he's going to be OK.
Ignorant, superstitious fools.
Is this true?
It'll be all right.
It's a gold Rolex. You want it?
Keep back, everyone. I need more time.
Let's get Walker!
Michaelangelo, come on.
Mondo surprise!
My little guys. I almost forgot you.
Next time, ask me to turn it off.
OK, so my Japanese is a little rusty.
Old priests say once before, demons defeated my ancestors.
Out of the way!
Raph, give it a rest, will you?
Reservations for five?
Shoot them.
Somewhere... stop peeking!
Strike one! Strike two!
Tell the Daimyo to prepare the papers.
That switch will only work under one condition.
Then you can roast her, toast her...
There he goes. Out the window.
There's a reward for him.
Time to go.
Wakey, wakey. Wake up.
Watch your head.
We thought we lost you forever, Mikey.
We wait four hundred years, and this Casey is still late.
We're demons.
What if this doesn't work, dudes?
What's going on, Captain?
Where are the priests?
Where are they?
Where is my son, witch?
Where's the temple?
Yeah, it's true.
Yes, Mitsu. She is the woman who leads...
You can lead your stinking mutiny in here!
You like baseball here?
You'd better join them, hadn't you?
But... Shut up!
Move it! That's OK, fellas.
Yoshi! Help!