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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All the ladies know the cunts but the const linked are laid
Are you gonna fucking die
Bend over fuck yourself in your asshole
But that's OK
But that's OK I don't give a shit
Camel dung
Come out here and suck me off
Every lady that thinks he's a lady gets fucked
Find an american
For that capital day
Give me some head if he wants you to suck his cock get down on your fucking knees suck his cock
Glad your friday at two PM
Grab me by my ass and suck me off
Hey jake anything take my camel
Hey mother fucking faggot
I constructed you fuck you
I made you up you didn't make me up you got it backwards you know who you are
I'm a fucking genius obviously
I'm not from the south of egypt
I'm your big daddy
If you can't do that don't fuck with maine
In a few want to challenge me to our qualification match put your fuckin ass on the line
Jacking off
Jesus good buck i've tried 'em all
My name is raleigh theodore sakers
Nothing ever came out a dead testicles
Ooh hello maine about love reality
Scar baby god
Semantic blockage
Send me at least fifty thousand fucking dollars
She turns me down she's going to go straight to hell
She won't pasco she'll never fucking win
She's gonna get her second chance to suck my cock again
She's the country thought she was got
So when the fuck are you
Spell it you mother fucker
Start tomorrow your balls come off
Suck my cock
Take my fucking money please
Take my wife
There is only ladies and plants
Top grocery give you cops
Who is white on the outside and black on the inside
Worker head up and down she's a doll fucker in the mouth stick that cock down her throat turner on bust your nuts in her fucking mouth and have her play their cunt while she sucks it
Yes so bad
You are not my children
You don't have the mentality of a common household fly
You fucking devils piece of spit
You know you've lost your cunt to me
You little piece of shit
You what are you doing on my fucking planet you freeloading mother fuckers
You're just a piece of spit you're not even fucking a piece of whole american shit
You're stuck in that box is sixth frame of the god damn muhammadan fucking philosophy
You're very
Your cunt belongs to me i'll fuck you in your ass forever see you you fucking chicken sonofabitch
Your puppet semantic blockage