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For the record it's supposed to say i'm up for grabs but I do I have crabs you guys knew that though
Go away go away
Go oh boy that's rotten but take another shower before dirtiness
I don't want the government in my business
I got things the door here I got all day to jack around I mean I do that I make time for it but I got schedules
Man I am glad you told me to do it
Oh boy fiber tablets yum yum
Oh papa
So I put do it do it again today and decided that you're pissing me off
So OK still sort of like that movie prada only instead a hundred people he's like
What do you need what do you want can I not just live here without having to occasionally deal with you animals
Yeah goodnight
Yeah let me put you out
You can E copy silly daddy
You get the hell outta here
You must be very hot in those pants of yours at once and walked right with your downtown it is very cool out here now and I still tell the people in town this just before my arrest
Your mom said by sender back