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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And look what we have here
And struggle time
Beautiful day
But I hope you live enough room for my face BIH cause i'm going to have it in your stomach
Come on
Come with me if you want to live
Do you know what else
Doesn't make any sense
Doesn't work that way
First I would like to just get to know you
Get your mother please
Go ahead
Good morning
Good old days
Had enough
Hey i'm a police officer
How are you?
Howdy stranger
I don't know what the quick huh
I don't like you using foul language
I don't really like you right you probably nothing but pain
I insist
I need a vacation
I swear I will not kill anyone
I want to ask you a bunch of questions
I want to ask you a bunch of questions they want to have them answered immediately
I would like to talk to you about premature ejaculation
I would like to talk to you about thomas
I'm a cop you idiot
I'm afraid
I'm Detective John Kimble
I'm going to talk to her
I'm gonna say that did you
It's showtime
John Kimble!
Let me talk to your mother
Listen to me very carefully
Nice night for a walk
Nice to meet you
No deal
No now I think there's a misunderstanding
No problem with server
Number should maine
Oh i'm sorry to disappoint you
Oh you want to fuck with maine
One of us is in deep trouble
Premature ejaculation
Put a sock in it
Rubber baby buggy bumpers
See I got you pushing too many pencils
Show me
Stop it
Stop shouting i'm not there
Stop whining
Tell me a haiku
The difference of opinion
Thomas aquinas
Trust me
Use me up a few more questions if you don't mind
Used to be somebody I could trust
Well i've got news for you you're mine now you belong to maine
What do you want
What the fuck
What the fuck did I do wrong
What's the matter
Whatever your name is get ready for the big surprise
Where is she
Who are you
Who is your dad
Who is your daddy and what does he do
Why do we stop now
Why not
You are fucking quiet voice better be a choir boy
You bitch
You idiot
You lack discipline
You must be very proud of yourself
You son of a bitch