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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A lot of people have asked me my beauty secrets
A minute
A voice
After all she's been through
All I care about is britney 's well being
All I want is for you to get well
All right
All you do is write a bunch of crap about her
And do a real ass bitch
And how fucking dare anyone out there make photo pretty after all these bins room
And I don't know about you
And to top it off i'm a real bitch
And what's your sign
Anna nicole smith
Any inanimate object
Anyone who has a problem with her you deal with maine
Anyways it's just like
Are we going to have to make our own island
Are we saw made
Are you people want is more more more more more
Are you the aquarius for oh
Are you using your country considered late
As a half boy half girl
Asteria type
Because she's not well right now
Because you know what
Because you know what
Big ass billy bass bully ass loudmouth
Bitch let me tell you something
Bitch please
Britney spears
But I think I know what the problem is
But it's true
Can I get up bring a ling a ling
Chris crocker
Chris Crocker Soundboard Sound
Chris Crocker Soundboard Sound
Chris Crocker Soundboard Sound
Chris Crocker Soundboard Sound
Chris Crocker Soundboard Sound
Chris Crocker Soundboard Sound
Chris Crocker Soundboard Sound
Chris Crocker Soundboard Sound
Chris Crocker Soundboard Sound
Damn it
Day is an adjective
Do we really want to see at twenty five year old woman leave behind two children and i
Do you have any idea what i'm going to do now
Do you know I don't give a fuck i'm fucked free
Do you know what i'm gonna do
Do you not pay attention to detail
Do you not pay attention to the last week
Don't say it's only OK for black people to say a word
Erase due to be the football playing you know unintelligent fuck that you are now
Ever since I broke up with my dog
Five twenty five PM
For your own good
Get well brittany
Give me off baby
Gresham 's lopian tube
Harry potter
Have we learned nothing
He made shit on you
He's mad at me
His penis
Holy shit
How are you
How to tell my myspace fans on ya
How you doing
How you doing really
Huge handed town mean
I called you
I can tell you what it's like when guys hit on girls
I couldn't believe my ears when I recently heard a rumor
I do take daily long dips
I don't care what anyone says
I don't doubt maine
I don't give a fuck but I do give a damn
I don't like hypocrites
I get in your face I get in your mind and I get under your skin
I give a damn about you thinking I give a fuck
I guess you're fucked
I had
I had that
I have a boyfriend brother
I know that sounds bad
I like mythological creatures
I love black people but
I love you but I won't have sex with you bitch
I see stars
I speak this cattle shit you know but i'll speak it as a first language I speak this shit as a second language
I still to this day don't speak to my mother because she refused to have a C section
I think that's what loves it out there you know
I think we're soul mate
I use a ride cheater
I usually let people think what they want
I wanna try and patch things up
I want to speak on something
I want you to be obsessed with me that's what I mean
I wanted to call you and thank you for getting my face tattooed on your ass
I will count myself too
I yeah I yeah I yeah
I'm a corny love fan
I'm a sagittarius
I'm a slow my myspace fans on ya
I'm about to lose my manners
I'm jumping off the nearest fucking building
I'm just a real bitch in a fake ass world
I'm kind of pissed
I'm not afraid to say this
I'm not getting into that
I'm not going to tell you this sandwich
I'm on like a low asian rich cards home for you
I'm pissed
I've never been told that before
If anything ever happens to her
If she ever commit suicide because of a fucking idiot
If you don't want your man to cheat on you
Into your face actually
Is agnes
Is it that time of the month again
Is that how you're going to change maine
Is there really a closet full of gay guys
Is this the aquarius
It shows
It's like you tell me I got the voice of an angel
It's the straight people
Just because your man cheats on you
Just know that
Kind of embarrassing them
Leave Britney Alone! #britney spears #chris crocker #leave britney alone
Like fuck that like grow some intelligence
Liver load
Look at the president
Love are you thinking
Makes sense
Maybe I do have a problem
Maybe i'm wrong
My boyfriend thinks that i'm scheduled for tonight
My hands are shaking you're my soul mate
Never use that term again
Never use the word grow some balls again
No I I like a people
No one messes with my friends or I go absolutely question
No say it bitch
Not take risks you got that good phone pussy
Now it does
Now that we've discussed that and you've admitted to being obsessed with me now we're good
Now that you've informed me of that i'm gonna go a little crazy
Oh my god
OK I love you
One of the most controversial words in the world is
Only black people can say the N word
Play video load
Playing granny alone
Quite literally
Real bitch island
Right but I want you to be obsessed with me
Say it
Screw him
See I do viking kids or husband turned out to be
Shall pass out 'cause i'm pants and you've got some explaining to do
Shame shame shame shame shame
She hasn't performed on stage and years
She loves her and she went through a divorce
So am
Social the many variations of bitch please they come in handy in many areas of life I hope they help
Something about the colors the cinematography it also sort of just sulks into your skin
Speaking of professionalism when is it professional to publicly bash someone who's going through our time
Subconsciously spreading homophobia
Talk about a bullshit story
Tampar girl myself
Tell now
Thank you
That I can do to anime thing for you baby as long as you tell me I got the voice of an angel
That's a are obsessed with maine
That's how I have been like vagina
That's so gay
That's so straight
That's when I truly believe
That's wrong on so many accounts can not only is it sexist that you know
The fact here
The inward
The press
The sandwich shop
The term grow some balls
The world can kiss my ass goodbye
There's a man in scar who's watching over us
There's a rumor floating around that I give a fuck
They came out of my mother 's vagina hat
This country is so straight
This is travis
This we found person
Three-hour gazes
Trust me
Uncharacteristic here
We will uh
What is being black has to do with it
What pinocchio came along and told you I give a fuck and you believed it
What you call me
What you call me
What's in his underpants
Who lied
Who lied to you and told you I give a fuck
Why am I not in it right now
Why did the churches need so much money
Why don't we gonna ask you do
Why not
Yarn deal which are showing a damn
You asked me to call you
You know
You know it's very easy for men
You know what I better not lose marcoule
You look like a real bitch
You said you loved me but in a non stalker way
You slut
You want me to mount for you
You're cute