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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
An account into only know how to be
And if you believe that he also believe there richard simmons junior 's running around
And stop shouting i'm not death
And we don't have enough time to be shocked right now
And what is it
Are you sure
As it's right
Ask you mommy
But I hope you live enough room for my face because i'm going to have it in your stomach
But I want to know is why would a priest tried to kill someone
But if you want me to prove it
Can you see that i'm talking quiet
Come and get maine
Come on
Come worship maine
Computer dick ulous
Do a damaged goods lady
Do it now
Don't start
Don't worry everything is under control
Excuse me
Excuse me I have a few more questions if it online
Fast got news for you you are mine now you belong to maine
First I would like to just get to know
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you asshole
Give me a break
Give me a break and shut up
Give me address
Go to hell
God did you get this information
Gold and kiss your mother 's behind
Good for you
Good morning
Got the minivan
Ha ha ha ha ha
Have nothing else to do and have nowhere else to go
Hey I want you to do me a favor
Hey i'm a police officer
Hire a grows out of the people
Homosexual I can only speak for myself
How are you
How long before this happens
I agree with you
I believe you
I can do this all day long
I can hardly believe it myself
I can wait until this whole thing is over man
I didn't
I do not want to touch his ass
I drink
I forgot to introduce myself
I know
I lied
I love
I love it
I never do that one
I really appreciate your honesty
I remember that
I think it's funny
I want to ask you a bunch of questions and I want to have them answered immediately
I would like to talk to you about thomas aquinas
I would say
I'll call you back
I'm a cop you idiot
I'm adam gibson
I'm detective john kimble
I'm not a program
I'm not cheating on you
I'm not interested in that
I'm really sorry
I'm terribly sorry to disturb your party
In the hole video
Is a psychopathic bitch
Is someone in my house eating my birthday cakes with my family
It's amazing where are we
Just do what I tell you
Just doing my job
My CPU is a neural net processor a learning computer
My name is sharon quiz
No I know what I heard
No thank you
No that's not true
Not now
Oh definitely
Oh yeah
Oh you must be very proud of yourself
Oh you want to fuck with me your fucking choirboy compared to maine a choir boy
One of us is in deep trouble
Put or did you can eat my cookies
Say breakfast is the most important meal of the day
Shut up
Shut up
So i've got time for
Sounds like you using foul language
Stab lish
Stop whining
Stopping such a pussy
Thank you
Thank you
Thanks for the tip
That about does it
That's cool
That's enough
That's funny
Thomas aquinas
Trust me
Well take it easy
Well that hit the spot
What do you want
What do you want to know
What happens in a few days
What I meant was you tell maine
What the fuck
What the fuck did I do wrong
What the hell were you thinking
What the houses youtube
What's the matter
Where is my family
Who are you
Who are you
Who are you
Who is your daddy and what does he do
You like discipline
You should not drink and bake
You son of a bitch
You want to give them my birthday