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Mattress King Sounds

Mattress King Sounds

Here is the Mattress King Soundboard. These sounds were taken from the Mattress King Commercials that you see on Television.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Alright come down will get a bunch of guys from the store and will just come down and really tested fucker out OK
An upper mattress is
And I eat a whole new set up if you could
And my legs were all burned in my ass and my back and neck and all oh god
And what's your name
But we can just say I just want to see how much weight I can put on this fucker OK
Do you have box springs
He burned up the whole damn fucking almost the house
How can we test them out you know do you roll around like a couple of us in the backroom is something testing them out
I'd like to test it i'm going to buy it the same way I do it at home
I'm not looking to go the whole the sexual route
Is there any way like just a test to wait that we could roll around or something jump up and down just to see if this thing will hold up
OK all
OK because I need a new one what happened was my lover fell asleep last night with cigarettes in the bed and burns up all my ass and legs right to the springs
So we went right through the fucking bed
Thank you i'll see you
Will help us soon can I come in and buy this
Yeah yeah
You know
You know we got a funny always look crazy but the dogs and we're always laying around the house
'cause we really rock the house