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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A recipe for apple
Born of god 's source member I sought out member
But I have encountered few yet we kind of crappy date **** is this
Can I search up in your room
Didn't stinking drunk and go in his double export it take pictures of naked freshman shakes you hear me cal that's what i'm into making shakes
Heavy ticket to the bars you better not be irish
Hello baby feet I gotta tell you you're one sexy little piece of pepper so here's what we gotta do you gotta come here and then i'll get that beer in you and you'll see that I gotta tell you that w...
Hello ladies can offer you some sex in exchange for sex
Hello ladies I bought some beer or perhaps sex
Hello sweetheart
Hello what the hell else up with this place
Hey you mind if I call a couple of my buddies this would be a great place for a barbeque take your top off
Hi from rocco tells best buddy
I am not to be ignored i'm sorry I know I shouldn't call you but I got the camel
I am working for the man no more so screw you with some sexual harassment on top
I drink it I smashed because I love
I gotta question why are you such a wad
I gotta tell you you're one sexy little piece of pepper
I had no idea how much expensive european porn rocks I can't even read the articles if I want to
I showered
I want to spend the next four years of my life drunk with the brothers of alfalfa I would do anything up to and including chewing a present
I'm not drunk you are
I'm not even a virgin I just said that to get in your pants
In that case we should check out these bitchin dominatrix sites they kick ass really actual at
It's become obvious that I gotta convince girl support mustard on me
Kalbach me good sex you want to have
Let me just say that I am appalled at all of you doing community service goes against everything opportunity stands for in conclusion eatly
My notion call you but I got the camels in my pants
No oh hey nerds don't worry i'm not drunk i'm just a little drunk what no I nets yes so I went to this party tonight
Oh great gazoo what should I do
Oh I know it's prom and all but i'm breaking up with you so I can get laid by tens of chips when I go to college
OK listen I think we're all feeling a little premenstrual right now but with a calcium rich diet and then there's bloating and cramping and nobody ever said labor was going to be easy
Our alpha i'm a good doggy or alpha i'm a good doggy
PC with PC with switch
Perhaps you should shut your poop face
Put her there
Rocco are you reading cosmo yeah said book cheaper than jugs and smells like chicks
Shut up cowboys in my head
So here's the deal I was so wrong to break up with you because you're the girl I want to spend the life of my rest ways on the powerful man the government man with a lot of secret connections celes...
So how far are you willing to go for a bigger tip
Sorry honey I know we broke up in senior year and I know i've already called you ten times tonight but I wanted to tell you your little pudding pop that I wanna suck on all day
Stupid everything
That's right turn it to mess with us for richard fictitious
The giant imaginary bottle of whiskey 's with me
The world is going on fable fable food
There's a bar in the basement bar bar in the basement find uncle find somebody else to live with me you all suck
Through the girl I want to spend the life of my rest west
Time to kick some hippie ass
Two cream covered buns a lovely pair of well for melons and a street suite piece of pie fitness
We use windows readers put him in your most readers readers readers get it it's like my johnson apa
Well it's not like you're going to get laid anyway
Well now that you're not an idiot I don't hate you so nothing makes sense anymore like for example I was thinking about eating the sock puppet because that makes as much sense as be liking you
What's your week christopher reeve continues guys ass
Who wore was friday night you're not drinking heaven I taught you anything
Yo craggy member that time me you wrangle and cake and found that goat damn that was the most rocco there's no one named rheingold or kagan in our fraternity I know there was made and it was defini...
You gotta pay for cigarettes here what is this communism