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All I want to hear from your ass is i'm sorry
And then I will kill myself
Do you have my money yet
Do you have some way to make money
Do you think so
Do you wanna piece of me because i'll cut you bitch
For the marijuana and cocaine I sold you
Funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny things coming from this past summer
Get a life you know get a real job
How much did that cost
I always tell the truth even when I lie
I am done talking to you
I can call gibbons or right now
I can't understand you
I could I could make those arrangements
I got the beat on I got the story up tabata naked and you did nothing
I hate cats that all of fuzzy and shit
I like you
I say good day to you sir
I was only kidding
I will drink my vodka you tell story
I will kill you
I work for the KGB little bit of the russian mafia
I'm going to have to kind of disagree with you they are
If you have to ask then you not already to know yet
Listen to me
My name is vladimir
No that is not right
No you know what i've been calling you all god damn day where the hell have you been
Not only are you not a nice person
One time I tire rock to cut I put cat in lake heat sink to the bottom
Outer myself I i drink vodka is my favorite drink you know is very very much better than any kind of coca-cola you can get out there on the street
Shut the fuck up and listen to me
That's not very nice
Volodimir cosack
Well i'm just not sure about that though right now
What are you doing
What did I just say
What did you say
What is with the attitude I sense it
Who the hell are you
Why don't you pay attention
Yes I think so
You ever get punched in the face for talking too much
You fucker you fucking bitch
You like cats
You like dogs