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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A fellas
And now we're doing it now we're doing it
Are no
Are you even trying
But that was everyone doing
Come on move it up
Doc come on man
Domination look it up
Don't you get a closed casket at the ugly cemetery
Drinking in pal that's how failure tastes
Eat it fatty
Eat my dust
Get over here and help me defend
Hey is somebody keeping track of my heads bad at it
Hey knucklehead you ain't going to win
Hey look at me ma
Hit the bricks pal you've done
I don't know who to thank first oh I know
I don't usually kill morons this fast
I look at me look at maine
I will never stop killing you
I'll put in my trophy room with the artist
I'm a
I'm batting a thousand
I'm going to be on your skull till I hit tonsils
If you order now hold on a second beaten absolutely free
Is someone going to push the freaking car
It's starting to bore me how much you suck
Keep it moving guys
Let's get him
Let's get on the cap fellas
Let's waste
Look at it just gave in his call my bad still dry no clumps of hair nothing
Man you scold so soft to make it as easy
Marsh you lazy bums
Now freaking snipers a spy
Oh where you going to cry you could cry now
Play ball
Pop quiz how long does it take to beat a moron to death parents sorry times up you're dead
Push it push it push it
So freaking heavy zaspy
Team Fortress 2 Scout 2 Sounds Sound
That freaking medics is
That freaking out as a spy
That spying on us
The freaking demos a spy
The freaking pyrosis spy
The freaking scouts of spy
The freaking soldier spy
Trying to make it look easy
Wave goodbye to his secret crap dumbass
Will get you look like you ran some traffic
Would you look at you I mean look at you
Yeah I dare you rage quit come on make us both happy
Yeah that's right
Yo did you even see me hitting you
Yo I need help capping
You are terrible
You just got freaking dominated knucklehead alright let's do this
You know I ought to be on a baseball card
You see that
You seeing this
You're like a car crash in slow motion it's like i'm watching you fly through a windshield