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Chucky Soundboard

Chucky Soundboard

Mark Hamill voiced the Charles Lee Ray version of the character in an episode of Robot Chicken. In 1999, the Chucky character was nominated for the MTV Movie Award for Best Villain for the film Bride of Chucky.
See also: Chucky (TV series), Bride of Chucky, Child's Play (franchise), Cult of Chucky, Chucky, Seed of Chucky.

A true classic never goes out of style.
Ah, you gotta be fucking kidding me.
Alright already.
Amazing, isn't it?
And I'm gonna call you.
And turning human again.
Aren't you the crazy bitch I talked to last night on the phone?
Artie do we tembela?
Behave yourself.
Campbell. The power I. This is no regression. I'm not going to spend the rest of my life as a plastic freak. Next time you're alone, you're behind.
Can be.
Can't you read?
Charles Lee Ray.
Close your eyes and count to 7. When you wake, you'll be in heaven.
Come to Papa.
Don't fuck with the Chuck.
Fans over.
From now on. No more Mr good guy.
Fuck you.
Give me the boy!
Give me the power, I beg of you.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Heidi ho.
Hello, John.
Her right already?
Hey, you're pissing your pants.
Hi, I'm Chucky and I'm your friend to the end.
Hi, I'm Chucky.
How do I get out of this body?
I am a vintage mass marketed children's toy from the 80s.
I didn't think anybody could hurt me, but last night I got shot.
I don't believe it. I just don't believe it.
I got a new game sport. It's called hide the soul. And guess what? You're it.
I got a new game, Sport.
I have a date with six year old boy.
I have to live out the rest of my life in this body.
I kick your fucking teeth in.
I like a little killing now and then. What's wrong with that?
I like to be hugged.
I sure missed you.
I think I'm gonna call you.
I thought something like this might happen.
I'll be back.
I'm Chucky.
I'm down with that.
I'm fucking trapped in here.
I'm going to be 6 years old again.
I'm new and improved.
I'm Tommy.
I'm Tommy.
If I don't get out of this body soon, I'm screwed.
It hurt like a son of a bitch. It even bled.
It's called hide the soul. And guess what?
It's time to play.
Know something? It hurt.
Let me explain something to you.
My real name is Charles Lee Ray.
No fucking way.
Nothing like a strangulation to get the circulation going.
Now get going.
Ohh look at the Big Time stunner cruising down Mulholland in the new Hummer. You know we're stolen. You know why stay rolling. Me and my boy. Boy we ride like soldiers. Big Chucky. Ohh I'm so lucky...
Only one problem.
Over here.
Party do we tembela?
She came on to me.
Shut up, you idiot.
Sorry, Jack, Chucky's back.
Soundtrack- Paparazzos delight
Standing right in front of you. Holding a very sharp scalpel.
Surprise. Did you miss me, Andy? I sure missed you. Told you we were gonna be friends at the end, and now it's time to play.
Tell your children not to walk my way. Tell your children not to hear my words, what they mean, what they say. Mother. Turn them in the dark. World. Hello.
That's why I prepared for it.
This is no real shit. I'm not gonna spend the rest of my life as a plastic freak. Next time you're alone, you're mine.
Trust me, you're gonna love it.
Violins are bad.
Wanna play?
We can see the power I'll be. This is no real issue. I'm not going to spend the rest of my life as a plastic freak. Next time you're alone, you're mine. Yeah.
We're dogs. You're dope.
We're gonna have our old boys night out. Just you and me. How does that sound?
We're not boy.
What are you looking at?
What are you talking about?
What do you think?
What the hell happened to you?
What's your name?
Where the hell's Andy?
Who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck is Martha Stewart?
Why not?
Yes, I am.
You got me into this. You got to get me out!
You have a date with death.
You know something, it hurt.
You know what?
You know, when I came here learning all that stuff about how to be deaf, I thought maybe you were pulling my chain. But not now. Not now.
You little shit. You know what you've done.
You sound like Hannibal Lecter.
You stupid bitch, you stupid. You fuck with me.
You stupid bitch.
You're a fucking drag, you know that?
You're it.
You're next.
You're right.
Your own personal mojo, doc.