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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
An ass and may I suggest the footing of
And I just want to say when my time
Ass oh my god there's 100 morons in my
Basement let me tell you something if
Between my foot in your ass really and I
Book that my foot wrote it's called on
Comes I want to be buried facedown so
Dumbass you dumbass
Engaged high school dumbass with no car
Equal me kicking your ass keep up with a
For a room and you are about to read a
He's dumb he's a dumbass reason that bad
He's kind of he's got he's an ass and
Hole in your ass oh just a classic case
I wish I had
I wouldn't to be quite honest
If if you don't curious fortune assets
It's free my foot is about to drill a
Jedi dumbass ha there's the dumb ass
Leggo my eggo hey let go my foot in your
Like to own a little bit of my foot in
My ass
My foot into this thing called your ass
My foot studio Hey
My head hurts that's your brain trying
Nine-tenths of the way up your ass
No job and no money trims the hedges I
October sure and then I'll like my foot
Of hand stuck in base well get it off or
Off in your ass and that my friends is
Oh I guess this is the way an immature
Put their foot in your ass but I Drive
Signs on your asses and my foots looking
Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs
Smart mouth and my foot will be
Thank you god bless america
That anyone who doesn't like me can kiss
The road to in your ass ex is gonna
The US government decides to stick a
To comprehend its own stupidity I mean
To find my foot in your ass how'd you
Tops answer all of you dumbass because
Tracking device up your ass you say
Was like eight burns in one sentence in
Was thinking I could turn your ass into
You know you could call in a specialist
You'll have a classic case of foot stuck
You're lucky this table is standing
Your ass
Your ass you'll morons just hunk vacancy
500 of them in each of your asses yes