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Lenny Telemarketer Time Wasting Robot Soundboard

Lenny Telemarketer Time Wasting Robot Soundboard

Lenny is a chatbot designed to scam bait telemarketers using messages. The chatbot uses messages to trick people into sending messages. Lenny is an online chatbot to scam people using messages and text messages. It is a live chatbot that uses text messages to scam telemarkers.
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Could you say that again
Ducks in the background
Funny you should call
Hello, This is Lenny
Here's the thing
Oh good, Yes yes yes
Since you have been friendly
Someone called last week
Sorry, again?
Sorry, I can barely hear you there
Sorry, what was that again?
That does sound good
What's your name again?
Which company again
World finances
YES, yes yes
Yes, yes, yes