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Raged Drug and Alcohol Lady Soundboard

Raged Drug and Alcohol Lady Soundboard

The Drug & Alcohol Lady (real name: Dorothy Martin), also styled as the Drug and Alcohol Lady or as D&A Lady, is an employee of the Maryland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration in Catonsville, Maryland who became a victim of Duncan, Tom the Pissed Off Roofer, and eventually her own soundboard.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Are do you need marijuana
Excuse me but you're calling drug and alcohol
Fuck my ass home
Fuck you
Fucking bitch
Give it to me baby ha ha ha ha
Go ahead and fuck my ass home I feel pretty damn good
I can trace this phone to you
I don't call you
I wish you would fuck my asshole
I'm a fucking cock sucker
Might feel pretty damn good
Mother fucker fucking bitch
Stop it
This is Barry
What are you calling for
What are you calling me for?
Why are you calling me?
Will you please fuck my asshole?
You better stop it
You just go get it
You'll be going to the police station so you better stop it
You're calling me