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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Apaprently someone has been trying to contact you
Are you threatening me, I can go to police
Are you understand me rant
But it doesn't even matter (nonsense rambling)
Calling me for no reason, I'm in PA
Eldorado Security
For what? 1
For what? 2
Fucking cunt
Got the wrong number buddy
Have a great night
I am very confused now
I don't know who you're trying to call
I don't understand rant
I have not done anything to you
I haven't called anyone
I hope they quit bothering but you quit bothering me now
I hope you have a wonderful evening
I just don't like you because of name calling
I think someone dialed wrong
I think you drunk dialed me
I think you're drunk dude
I'm a bitch
I'm in Pennsylvania 1
I'm in Pennsylvania 2
I'm in Pennsylvania 3
I'm in trouble, for what?
I'm not anywhere near Texas
I'm so confused right now but you're looking for wrong person
I'm very confused
My eyes are wide open dude
Never talked to anyone from this number
No no no
No you just called me on my cell phone
Not at all
Not much
On my cell phone
Rant about Sirens
Right now
The eyes upon me
This is hilarious
This is ridiculous and don't need to talk to you
Tripped out rant
Weird Noise
What am I doing right now?
What happened?
What? 1
What? 2
Who are you?
Who is this? 1
Who is this? 2
Who is this? 3
Why did you call me?
Yeah you're speaking at me
You called and starting accusing
You called and told me to keep eyes on my back
You can say whatever the fuck you want rant
You don't have to call me a bitch
You got the wrong number 1
You got the wrong number 2
You guys called me rant
You guys just called me, what do you mean?
You just called me 1
You just called me 2
You just called me 3
You wanna play this game?
You're calling wrong fucking number
You're in Texas or something
You're in Utah?
You're the one who is also confused
1 Laughing
2 Laughing
3 Laughing