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Gabriel Angelos - Space Marine Force Commander Warhammer 40k Soundboard

Gabriel Angelos - Space Marine Force Commander Warhammer 40k Soundboard

Gabriel Angelos, AKA Gabriel Mangelos, is a commander of the Blood Ravens Space Marines. He first appears in Dawn of War 1 as third company Captain, and as of DoW 2: Retribution he has succeded that scheming heretic Azariah Kyras as Chapter Master.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Aim true brothers
Back into the fray
Be swift driver
Beware the alien the mutant the heretic
Brothers regroup
Brothers the great enemy approaches
By my command attack
By my command, attack!
By my fury they can know the Emperor's name
Chaos approaches
Daemon! Fear my wrath!
Do not be daunted by its size
Drop me here and await further orders
Duty calls me elsewhere
Eldar. Beware their trickery!
Emperor protect us
Faith and duty.
Fear me, warp spawn!
Fear not the size of the enemy
Follow me into battle
Follow me into battle
Follow my lead
For Terra!
For Terra!
For the emperor
For the glory of the emperor
For the glory of the imperium
For the honor of the chapter
Foul greenskins approach
He who stands with me shall be my brother
I am needed elsewhere
I command in the name of the emperor
I fear no evil for I am fear incarnate
I serve mankind
I shall not die on this day
I shall not fail
I shall not fail
I will not stop until that demon is cast back into the warp
Initiate a tactical withdrawal
Its power does not match its size
Look to your wargear
Men we must withdraw
My aim shall not falter
My aim shall not falter
My duty calls
My faith is my shield
My power armor will protect
My will is undone
No retreat no surrender
On alert brothers the enemy must be nearby
Orks! Do not underestimate their strength
Our foe approaches
Praise the emperor
Space marines advance
Space Marines, advance!
Space Marines, attack!
Take me to the front
Take no prisoners
Take that
Taking come on
The alien eldar are upon us
The emperor protects
The enemy are here
The forces of chaos out here
They dare fire upon Space Marines?
This day shall be a glorious one for the imperium
This is where I leave you
To me brothers
To the last man and the last round
Today the enemy shall know fear
Together to victory
Trust in your war gear
Walk softly and carry a big gun
We are taking damage
We are united in his service
We shall know no fear
What would you have me do
While the enemies of the emperor still drawn breath there can be no peace
Withdraw and regroup!
You will not falter