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Tribes: Ascend VGS Soundboard

Tribes: Ascend VGS Soundboard

The Voice Game System (VGS) is the communication tool in Tribes: Ascend. VGS is to coordinate attack, defenses, as well as jeer at the opponent. Using a series of simple keystrokes a wide variety of information may be passed between players. The standard voices used by default vary depending on the type of class the player is using (higher voices for lighter classes, deeper ones for heavy classes) and custom Voice Packs are also available. Below are the keystrokes for all the commands available.

All attack the enemy vehicle
All the boy forcefields
Attack the enemy base
Cease fire
Chase the enemy flag carrier
Cover me
Defend our flag
Defend our flag
Defend our generator
Defend our sensors
Defend our turrets
Defend our vehicle
Defend the entrances
Defend the flag carrier
Destroy enemy turrets
Destroy the enemy generator
Destroy the enemy sensors
Destroy the enemy vehicle
Different our base
Disrupt the enemy defense
Fire on my target
Get the enemy flag
Give me the flag
Good game
Great shot
Ha that's too bad
He covering fire
Hold back vehicle incoming
I am the greatest
I don't know
I don't know
I have the flag
I need a driver
I need a ride
I need a target painted
I need an escort
I need support
I will attack
I will attack the enemy base
I'll attack the enemy generator
I'll attack the enemy sensors
I'll attack the enemy turrets
I'll cover you
I'll defend
I'll defend our base
I'll defend our flag
I'll defend our generator
I'll defend our sensors
I'll defend our turrets
I'll defend our vehicle
I'll get a vehicle ready
I'll go for the enemy flag
I'll repair our base
I'll repair our generator
I'll repair our sensors
I'll repair our turrets
I'll repair the vehicle
I'll set up defenses
I'm deploying sensors
I'm deploying torrents
I'm on it
Incoming enemy vehicle
Incoming hostiles
Is our base secure?
Is that the best you can do
Nice move
Our base is clear
Our flag is secure
Reinforce our defense
Reinforce the offense
Repair our generator
Repair our sensors
Repair the vehicle
Repair turrets
Retrieve our flag
Secure base
Take the flag from me
Target acquired
Target destroyed
Target the enemy base i'm in position
Target the enemy flag i'm in position
Target the sensors i'm in position
Target the turret i'm in position
Target the vehicle i'm in position
That was graceful
The enemies in disarray
The enemies in our base
The enemy generator is destroyed
The enemy sensors are destroyed
The enemy turrets are destroyed
The enemy vehicles destroyed
Vehicle ready need a ride
Wait for my signal before attacking
Wait i'll be in range soon
We take our base
What's my assignment
When will you learn
Where to
Woo hoo
You rock