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Mass Effect 2: Jeff "Joker" Moreau Soundboard

Mass Effect 2: Jeff "Joker" Moreau Soundboard

Flight Lieutenant Jeff "Joker" Moreau is the pilot of the SSV Normandy. Joker is an excellent pilot and confident to the point of arrogance, wasting no time in pointing out his prowess to others. He's quick to ensure everyone knows his many accomplishments and commendations were all earned, and not due to charity for his medical problems.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah leather
Alright alright
Are you want me to go calling through the dance again
Attitude roll three five decimal one zero pick six four decimal one eight yahoo one zero decimal two eight
Because you know what I should
Can you believe this commander is my baby better than new with fits me like a glove
Commander can I get a mirror up here you know so I could see when someone is standing behind me
Commander sorry about the crew in it
Damn it
Easy we got venting from the number sixteen lithium heat sink
Eating are just enjoying the calm before the shitstorm commander
Eighty we have a green light on that switch over
External cameras got thumbprint on it that is going to bug me forever
Got some pressure loss in the number four hydrogen tank like at downey
Great is where it starts and we're just all organic batteries get some to blame
Grunts is
Half cheese don't get like that I know I got lucky I don't need to get all touchy feely
Hey commander pretty crazy the people you can run into out here huh
Hey commander we got garrus back that's great 'cause he was totally my favorite with that pull up his ass
Hey shepherd another hard ass on board huh
How they just don't know you like I do
Huh no I hadn't really notice that eighty should I notice that
I can tell when it's listening
I gotta hit the head command are we done for now or do I have to use a bottle I keep under her
I know but it felt good i'm sorry commander OK i'm ready i'm good i'm ready to save the day
I like consuming but while I feel like I need to check the citadel for parts she may have pond
I never figured the coming overlords would be so annoying i'm just
I swear we got some lateral drift the old normally never had that
I thought my mom was bad with the backseat driving
I would never say anything against miranda and expect to survive the reprisal
I'm glad things worked out commander I was worried you dump samara for some crazy soul sucker with a death fetish on live and sexy and
I'm having region around is just begging for rifle up your ass without the sweet talk
I'm not saying anything about jack i'm not stupid
I'm there for you up here with my things
If this thing starts claiming to be the vanguard about destruction then I got shotgun in the first lifeboat OK
Insane seems like the strong sensitive murdering type you know those are always great to have around real cutler
Is just my opinion though there's really no need to go spread it around
It seems like garris is finally work that stick out of his butt but now he's trying to beat guys to death with it I can't believe I like the old garrus better
It's just mad that always footage of it looks like a dream sequence
Jacob is way too nice a guy so the number of ways he knows how to kill people
Man what I wouldn't give to go planet side waiting through mark get shot in the face
Mark on two clear
Minor spike in the primary core compensating
Mom could see me now we have zombies on top of everything else
Never over
No it's nothing I son of a
No surprise morgan act superior to everyone like he's got ten years after you
Nominal to profile
Not that I would know why does it burn myself great
Oh another dangerous alien aboard commander of thanks why can't you collect coins or a commemorative plates or something
Oh good because I was not looking forward to your mood if that went bad there's a reason I don't date crew commander
Oh shit crap
OK but think of it this way
OK shepherd glad you're back but keep an eye on that last one we can only hold so much crazy
OK shutting up ice front ballads off the playlist
OK yeah that was a little creepy
Op check is clean
Primary systems clear
Quite enough
Right approved I wouldn't piss myself immediately that's good
Right right no hard feelings again
Running green
Seriously I think you're planning on ramming us down the collectors throat via their homeworld
Set up that bamber their bad bad about that viburnum
She needs this will try to keep up when I spazz
She said that she just search
Shit shit shit
Shit shit shit shit shit
Shutting up now commander
Sit sit sit sit sit sit sit gnosis
So from with the no
Take a hollow it'll last longer
Take a matter I guess the guess aren't all bad huh they're like edie 's ex con uncle we don't talk about
That sign that was supposed to go to my earpiece
That's what pills are for eating she's so my mom
Then why why are you always picking on me
They use like you but takes checks as long as it's not my money we're good
This is all jokers fault wanna tool he was I have to spend all day computing pie because he plugged in the overlord
Tomorrow feels like she could shoot me in a very tranquil way which does not make me feel any better about it
Trimming compensators decimal one two
Upgrades are messing with our inertial skew compensating
Wats your crazy you start singing daisy bell and i'm done
Watts come on
We need a deflector dish so I can re align that mother
What can I do against collectors break my arm at them easy cleared the ship she's alright
What the shit
When I was like tally so this is move on
Why doesn't change anything it's still watching like some creepy kids stand at the back of your head and comp side you just want to punch him buddy special and he said spires or something
Why is it always clauson guns can't we piss off a fuzzy planet still dangerous but hey bunnies
With a button now
Yeah go pout I went
Yeah thanks mom
Yeah this is ninety eight percent of my job I just watched button slash sometimes I press one
Yeah you are such a downer
You collect straight as a kid because we really needed a mega krogen so thanks for dragging home
You know commander i'm not real broke up that rex is incoming i'm good with our current amount of headbutting I say where it headbutting capacity
You know what pisses me off calling this the cockpit alliance ships have bridge is a sorry have cockpits oh eight though they don't
You look out there and sometimes it's just like you know there's all this