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Hellboy Soundboard

Hellboy Soundboard

Hellboy soundboard from the 2019 movie with over 60 of his best quotes

Ah cut the crap
Baba yaga
Fine thank you for asking
Grandpa bruttenholm
Ha ha ha
He's dead
Hey i'm on your side
I don't know what your game is pt1
I don't know what your game is pt2
I gotta go
I know you're here
I never forget a face like that
I'm devil spawn and a nazi
I'm sorry do I know you
If my face could talk it would disagree with you
Maybe we could just get on with it
No it's josh
Not for sure
Oh yeah
Seems like everybody wants me dead
Thanks dad
That's okay little guy
This is what you do now huh
This wasn't my idea
What are we trick or treating
What's wrong
Why did you do that
Why does this book have so many words
Why'd you summon me
You got 3 seconds to make this right
You know maybe
You know what hurts worst pt1
You know what hurts worst pt2
You sure we're talking about the same guy
You wanna play games huh
You were sent to kill me pt1
You were sent to kill me pt2