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A'ight where the fuck is the flash at where the fuck is the flash take the fuckin' picture right man
Ay oh ay ****as get shot every day b you be a'ight ****a you're tough right
Ay yo check here your man give him a thermometer take his temperature or something man
I laid the murder game down letting ****as know we not fuckin' around man
I walk up to the table right pick up the cake mush it in his face tell him happy birthday
Loan your man 10 g's 'cause I ain't givin' him his food back and no more soy sauce ****a
Make the money count! make the money count!
No ribs no rice no champagne! you don't eat nothin'!
What the fuck is the use havin' soldiers if you can't use 'em'
Yo a man pull your skirt down b
You're a cheap ass motherfucker