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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Big worm
Cause its Friday
Friday sit down
Get your ass up and cook or clean up or do something
Go and get something to eat I know you hungry
He be like shut the fuck up I be quiet but when he leave I be talking again
Hey you the last brother money i'd mess with i'll steal from my mama before I mess with your shit and you know this man
I don't give a fuck
I told you the weed be letting you know evil lurks
It's friday we'll get you high
Just give me three and a half minutes maybe even four she'll be wanting to marry a ******
Man ain't nothing wrong with smoking weed weed is from the earth god put this here for me and you take advantage man take advantage
Nobody wanna mess with the smoke dog (barking)
Older the berry the sweeter the juice it's the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice yeah well yeah she blacker than a motherfucker too
Ooh what's up not a damn thing
Payback's a motherfucker ain't it ******
Shit that girl wider than all outside
Sweating it out
Tell him to comb his goddamn hair like a bunch of spiders is having a meeting on his head
That's okay! she'll be back another quaalude she'll love me in the morning
What kind of shit is that most people wanna borrow sugar or even ketchup you wanna borrow my car
What time your mama leaving in a little while why because I wanna smoke this joint
Why you hook me up with that fat ass bald head girl
You ain't got no sugar damn
You got knocked the f*ck out!
You got knocked the fuck out
You got knocked the fuck out man