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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Beer no you may have some juice
Cleo you are real high and you acting real stupid
D c have you ever been nope no but that's where the mayor got popped basing up isn't it
I'm in a bind nate
Let me tell you something if I ever catch you with a gun in your hand i'm gonna break your tail you got that
Look at all your friends they all own banks where i'm from you're lucky to have a bank account
Look did your sister come through for you or what
Money got you tripping
Remember those banana flambes we had that time at that restaurant they were so good remember
Stop smoking weed
Well talk is cheap ****a
What do you think about friends and money I think they don't mix why
What does our future look like where do you see yourself five years from now
What the hell are you doing I don't want my son learning to pull drive bys!
Why do you say stupid shit like that
You know every time we get high you start looking like sugar bear for real
You know what I can use right now I can use a banana flambe
You need to be glad that you graduated from high school and that you're alive at 18
You need to get that gun off my face
You worry about that tattoo you gonna get over that hole okay okay