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And anybody found sober after sundown is liable to arrest for disorderly conduct and that's my ruling!
Don't spill none of that liquor son it eats right into the bar
Here's to the greatest woman in the world the fairest flower that ever bloomed
I've seen guys like you go under before guys that never had a worry then they got a hold on some dough and went goofy
I've seen plenty of fellas start out with 50 bucks and wind up with a bank account
It's my neck you see I was hung once but my friends cut me down in time
Let me tell you long john when you become a guy with a bank account they got ya! yes sir they got ya
Mighty fine liquor what do you call it rub of the brush
No I never met her I never met the sun I never shook hands with the moon and i've never been introduced to no clouds
Now you see what you done you stopped the show
Oh a fire don't need nothing behind it fire has a way of moving on its own here's how
That 50 bucks in your pocket is beginning to show up on you already
The first thing that happens to a guy like that is he starts wanting to go to restaurants and sit down at a table and eat salad and cupcakes and tea
The man that fired that bullet was hauled out of here feet first and he ought to be
This country's unfenced rangeland it always was and always will be
Who said it's a barroom this is a courtroom
Why when I first come here I didn't have nothing now i'm boss of the whole section
You're hooked I can see that right now they got you well i'm through
5000 dollars holy mackerel! I can see the heelots coming the whole army of them