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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Acting like a fucking jerk. You insulted him a little bit. You got a little out of audience salt.
He didn't want them. What the? No, no, no. What's the matter with you? What are we? What? You want me to pay for this shit? I'm not paying for it.
I'm gonna let you get away with that. You can let this fucking punk get away with that. With matter. What's the world coming to?
I've been telling you your whole life, don't talk on the fucking phone right now, you understand?
Listen, I got some beautiful Dior dresses. You want to have them pick out a few for yourself.
Look at me. Never rat on your friends. And always keep your mouth shut.
Not only mildly. She'll never divorce him. She'll kill him, but she won't divorce. Yeah, yeah.
That you can't do what you want to do, what you wanna do. We don't know that I mean. This is what it is. OK, you know what it is.
What am I get excited for? You stupid. We got a million fucking bulls out there. Everybody's watching this and you get a fucking car. But it's telling me I'm excited. My mother's name.
What did I tell you? I talked to you before, didn't I? Said what's going on? And they have to go buy anything for a while.
Yes. OK. You know what it is? You have to do the right thing. You have to go home to the family, you understand? You got to go home, OK?
You get excited. I get excited about because you're gonna get us all fucking pinched, that's why. What are you, stupid? What's matter with you?