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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A couple of throw pillows
A few short weeks ago coming from a background believe me as conservative and traditionally grounded in scientific fact as any of you
A light so brilliant and wondrous and yet so simple changed the poles from plus to minus and from minus to plus
A neurological demonstration...
A nip from the old bottle wouldn't be too bad either would it sir
A piece of vermicelli in a glass case...
A riot is an ugly thing und I think that it is just about time that we had one!
A riot is an ugly thing und once you get one started there is little chance of stopping it short of bloodshed
A visitor is all I ask a temporary companion to help me pass a few short hours in my lonely life
Abby someone abby someone abby who abby normal abby normal
After you frau blucher
Agggh! [Screaming]
Agggh! Agggh!
Ah but your hand is frozen my child how does a nice bowl of soup sound to you huh mmmmm
Ah! oh my ahhh! ahhh!
Ahh! the nails! oh! sorry
Ahhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!
Ahhh. There.
Alive! It's alive!
Alive! it's alive! it's alive!
All aboard!
All aboard! (2)
All right all right that's good enough for the likes of him
All right I think I have it figured out now
All right now now now just hold it right there now
All right then close your robe and follow me
All right you win you win I give i'll say it i'll say it i'll say it
All those scientists they're all alike! they say they're working for us but what they really want is to rule the world!
Allow me master
Allow me, master.
And I just followed it down.
And I want the world to know once and for all and without any shame that we love him!
And infamous.
And it was you who left my grandfather's book out for me to find!
And it was you who left my grandfather's book out for me to find! yes! so that I would yes!
And listen to me you are not evil you are good!
And listen to me.
And now a little wine with your soup, huh?
And now if you don't mind inspector i'm a little bit tired
And now may I present to you dr baron frederick von frankenstein
And now, if you don't mind, inspector, I'm a little bit tired.
And penetrate into the very womb of impervious nature herself!
And shouted to the cold stars...
And then when it would have been easy enough to stay out of danger
And where is my grandfather's private library
And you won't be angry I will not be angry
Are going to make...
Are there any questions before we leave
Are there any questions before we proceed
Are you insane he'll kill you!
Are you ready
Are you ready for your soup mmmmm hold out your bowl then
Are you saying that I put an abnormal brain into a 7 1 2 foot long 54 inch wide gorilla
Are you saying that I put an abnormal brain...
Are you speaking of the worm or the spaghetti
Are you sure this is how they did it yes! yes! it's all written down in the notes!
Are you sure you want to go through with this
Aren't there any lights in this place two nasty looking switches over here but i'm not going to be the first
As a matter of fact we were just having one as you were driving up what what
As heaven is my witness up
As heaven is my witness Up
As long as I can remember people have hated me they looked at my face and my body and they ran away in horror
As the leader of this community may I be the first to offer you my hand in friendship
As the minuteness of the parts formed a great hindrance to my speed I resolved therefore to make the creature of a gigantic stature
As you can see all communication is shut off
As your creator I command you to come back!
At your service sir always
Became capable of bestowing animation..
Because once a nerve fiber is severed there is no way in heaven or on earth to regenerate life back into it
Behind ze bookcase
Believe me, as conservative and traditionally grounded in scientific fact as any of you...
Books and papers it is! this is my grandfather's private library! I feel it!
But aren't you the grandson of the famous dr victor frankenstein who went into graveyards dug up freshly buried corpses and transformed dead components into
But as a fronkensteen aren't you the least bit curious about it
But for what you're about to see next we must enter quietly into the realm of genius
But how how before it's too late
But I didn't look upstairs I thought you did
But I didn't. It was never All we
But i'd rather be remembered for my own small contributions to science and not because of my accidental relationship to a famous cuckoo
But look what has been done with hearts and kidneys
But papa I told you that I was turning the rostbraten don't you remember I asked you to put helga to you
But sir
But there's nothing here but books and papers!
But tonight we shall hurl the gauntlet of science into the frightful face of death itself!
But wasn't that the whole basis of your grandfather's work sir the reanimation of dead tissue
But what if we block the nerve impulse by simply applying local pressure
But who was playing it I don't know but whoever it was just barely finished putting out his cigar
But you did I just heard it
But you have to remember that a worm with very few exceptions is not a human being
But your grandfather's work sir
Call it a hunch
Calm down i'm not afraid of you
Can you account for yourself?
Can you imagine the brain of hans delbruck in this body
Can you imagine the brain of Hans Delbruck in this body?
Chained chained like a beast in a cage
Chained like a beast in a cage.
Changed the poles from plus to minus...
Class is dismissed
Class... is, uh..
Come back! do you understand me I will not let you destroy my work!
Come let's mix where rockefellers walk with sticks or umbrellers in their mitts mmmmin' mm mmm ritz!
Come on come come on
Come on. Come. Come on.
Come over here you hot monster
Come! come on! you can do it!
Come! come on! you can do it! (2)
Crude yes primitive yes perhaps even grotesque yet something inexplicable tells me that this might be our man
Crude, yes. Primitive, yes. Perhaps even grotesque.
Damn your eyes! too late
Darling you mustn't worry so
Darling! (2)
Darling! darling! surprised surprised love me love you
Darling! what surprised I uh yes love me well
Darling! yes
Dead is dead!
Destiny, destiny!
Destiny! destiny! no escaping that for me! destiny destiny! no escaping that for me! destiny destiny! no escaping
Did you
Did you did you tie off the kites of course oh all right good
Didn't you didn't you used to have that on the other side what your uh oh never mind
Different types who wear a day coat pants with stripes or cutaway coat perfect fits mmmmin' mm mmm ritz!
Distinguished colleagues ladies and gentlemen tonight it is my great privilege of introducing to you a man whose family name was once both famous and infamous
Do you also say froderick no frederick
Do you have that name I gave you I have it written down
Do you have your cigar let me see let me see all right
Do you understand
Do you understand do not open this door!
Do you understand?
Do you wanna talk about physical strength do you want to talk about sheer muscle
Do you want to talk about the olympian ideal you are a god!
Doctor I have doctor
Doctor look!
Doctor where are you
Does that mean you love me
Doesn't the bringing back to life what was once dead hold any intrigue for you
Don't be frightened dear it's just a rat a filthy slimy rat!
Don't give me that! I don't believe in fate! and I won't say it
Don't inhale until the tip glows
Don't put the candle back
Don't touch him! he wants to do it by himself!
Dr frankenstein
Dr fronkensteen are you all right
Dr fronkensteen wake up
Dressed up like a million dollar trooper tryin' mighty hard to look like gary cooper
Eh how do you do I am dr fronkensteen
Ein zwei drei! ein zwei drei! ein zwei drei!
Elevate me now right here
Elevate me.
Especially when there is a frankenstein residing in this house
Every day!
Excellent shot
Excellent shot.
Excuse me darling what is it exactly that you do do
Excuse me, darling
Fire Fire is our friend. Yes.
Fire is good yes fire is our friend yes i'll show you i'll show you
First may I offer for your consideration a neurological demonstration of the primary cerebellar functions balance and coordination
Five six seven eight
Follow me please
Following in his grandfather's footschtops footschtops! oh! footsteps!
For god's sake come on are you trying to make me look like a fool
For my own small contributions to science...
Frau blucher!
Freddy darling how can I say in a few minutes what it's taken me a lifetime to understand
From that fateful day when stinking bits of slime first crawled from the sea and shouted to the cold stars
From what was once an inarticulate mass of lifeless tissues may I now present a cultured sophisticated man about town
Get down you fool!
Get in there!
Get ready! get set! go!
Give him an extra dollar extra dollar yes sir
Glory glory hallelujah glory glory hallelujah
Gone gone! we've got to find him do you understand we've got to find him before he kills someone!
Good bye darling good bye freddy
Good girl
Good lord!
Good man
Good night constable good night sir
Good night darling
Good night darling good night sweetheart
Good night frau blucher
Good night herr doktor
Good thinking
Good! good!
H delbruck hans delbruck
Ha! monsters!
Halt! up
Hand me that candle will you
Hand me that robe would you dear
Hans Delbruck.
Harry he was at it again
Have the preparations been made for the transference yes doctor
He alone held an image of me as something beautiful
He has loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword
He used his own body as a guinea pig to give me a calmer brain and a somewhat more sophisticated way of expressing myself
He will curse the day that he was born a frankenstein!
He would have an enormous schwanstucker
He'll kill you!
He's a frankenstein! and they're all alike!
He's beautiful and he is mine!
He's gonna be very popular
He's hideous!
He's out! I know
Hearts and kidneys are tinker toys!
Hello handsome! you're a good looking fellow do you know that
Hello mrs frankenstein
Hello there i'm going to set you free
Hello you've caught something there
Help me! quick! the sedative!
Here I come
Herr Doktor
His truth is marching on da yat da da da da da
Hit it!
Hold on to your hat what i'll be right back
Hold out your bowl then.
Honey did you see I put a special hamper in the bathroom just for your shirts and the other one is just for socks and poo poo undies
Honey! honey I hope you didn't find daddy's little party too boring he did it just for you and he meant so well say you liked it mm hmm
How did you get here through the dumbwaiter
How did you get here?
How do you do
How do you do (2)
How hungry you must have been
How long now two more minutes
How much do you want to let me go my father's very rich you would have the world at your fingertips