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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A falling star!
A ka luna o uw'kahuna I ka pali kapu o ka auea
A ka luna o uw'kahuna I ka pali kapu o ka auea (2)
A planet called ee arth
A quiet capture would require an understanding of 6 2 6 that we do not possess!
Actually credit for the capture goes to goes to me
Actually I do think we have an opening really
Agent pleakley at your service
Ah yes you had hair then
Ah! that's my want ad I know!
Ah! wow san francisco
Ah! you don't have one
Aha! look what I find! get restraints! right
Aliens are all about rules
Aliens are attacking my house
All ahead full
All is well please go about your business i'm okay
Aloha e aloha e 'ano'ai ke aloha e 'ano'ai ke aloha e
Aloha e aloha e aloha e aloha e 'ano'ai ke aloha e
Aloha oe
Am I to assume you are the expert
And as caretaker of the alien life form stitch this family is now under the official protection of the united galactic federation
And as caretaker of the alien life form, Stitch,
And as for that abomination it is the flawed product of a deranged mind it has no place among us
And feed it to the social worker!
And here I thought you'd be difficult to catch ho ho ho silly me
And here I thought you'd be difficult to catch.
And I make great cappuccinos and lattes with
And insanity to my list of things I did today
And look I even caught you a little snack
And next time I see this dog I expect it to be a model citizen capisce uh yes
And quieter!
And there's a two dollar license fee
And to reward you we are willing to trade your freedom for his capture
And today we were out of peanut butter!
And when he says mmm this is great what's your secret i'm going to say love and nurturing
And you like me better as a sister than a rabbit right
Apology not accepted now get out of my way before I run you over
Are there any animals in here
Are they intelligent no but they're very delicate
Are you going to invite me in nani
Are you going to play dolls
Are you okay
Are you the guardian in question
Aren't they beautiful
At least a rabbit would behave better than you!
At least a rabbit would behave better than you!
Aw david I owe you one
Awikiwiki lawe mai I ko papa he'e nalu
Awikiwiki mai lohilohi lawe mai I ko
Awikiwiki mai lohilohi lawe mai I ko papa he'e nalu
Awikiwiki mai lohilohi lawe mai I ko papa he'e nalu (2)
Ay yi yi lilo!
B b but it's a delicate planet!
Baby what's wrong
Bad dog barking at nothing!
Be careful of that! you don't touch this! don't ever touch it!
Be careful of the little angel!
Blah eww!
Blue punch buggy!
Break formation! get clear of that ship!
Bricks uh huh in a pillowcase
Bring her back
But on this page his family hears him crying and they find him
But that would be irresponsible and unethical I would never ever make more than one
But uh mm
Call me next time you're left here alone yep
Calm yourself captain gantu perhaps it can be reasoned with
Calm yourself, Captain Gantu. Perhaps it can be reasoned with
Can stitch say good bye yes thank you
Can we not simply destroy the island
Can you give us a ride to shore uh sure! but I have to make two trips
Can't complain, Mom.
Can't you go any faster
Captain gantu take him away
Captain Gantu, take him away.
Captain on deck
Cia former saved the planet once
Cia roswell 1973
Clearance is granted on vector c 12
Close grandmother, perhaps?
Cobra bubbles
Come back here you little
Come here
Come on lilo
Come on lilo that social worker's going to be here any minute!
Come on! what's the big deal
Come out my friend from whomever you're hiding behind
Coming! I'm coming!
Coming! i'm coming!
Computer locate experiment 6 2 6
Concierge er ing is my life I just love to answer phones
Connect me to the grand councilwoman
Consider yourselves fired and prison bound your incompetence is nothing short of unspeakable!
Convinced an alien race that mosquitoes were an endangered species
Created something ha!
Cuttin' in cuttin' up cuttin' back cuttin' out front side back side goofy footed wipe out
Dad said 'ohana means family
David I told you I can't i
David take lilo
David, I owe you one.
David! I got a new dog
David! I think I found you a job
Deadly force authorized fire on sight! fire on sight!
Did you catch fire again nah just the stage
Did you ever kill anyone
Did you lose your job because of stitch and me
Didn't I tell you we got fired this morning
Disciplined yeah she disciplines me real good sometimes five times a day with bricks
Do does this uh look infected to you
Do I make myself clear perfectly
Do we have a bargain dr jumba
Do we have a lobster door no we have a dog door we are getting a dog
Do you know what tuna is fish it's fish!
Do you not understand do you want to be taken away answer me!
Do you often leave your sister home alone no never well except for just now
Does he have a brother close grandmother perhaps
Does he really have to go
Does it have to be this dog
Does stitch have to go in the ship yes
Does this look infected to you yeah
Dogs can't talk dear he did
Don't crowd him!
Don't interact with her
Don't interact with her.
Don't leave me okay okay
Don't leave me, okay?
Don't let those two get on my ship
Don't make me so lonely I get so lonely I could die
Don't move a mosquito has chosen me as her perch she's so beautiful
Don't run don't make me shoot you
Don't worry I won't hit her
Don't worry is all part of plan we are professionals
Don't worry she likes your butt and fancy hair I know I read her diary
Don't worry you can sleep right next to me
Don't worry you're nice and someone will give you a job I would
Dr jumba jookiba lead scientist of galaxy defense industries
E ke onaona noho I ka lipo
E nana na maka I ke ao malama mai hawaii akea I kauai
Ea mai ke ali I kia manu ua wehi I ka hulu o ka mamo
Ea mai ke ali I kia manu ua wehi I ka hulu o ka mamo (2)
Earth is a protected wildlife reserve
Elvis played guitar here hold it like this and put your fingers here see now you try
Elvis presley was a model citizen i've compiled a list of his traits for you to practice
Even if...
Every thursday I take pudge the fish a peanut butter sandwich
Everybody calm down!
Eww! get it away from me! i'm gonna get a disease!
Experiment 6 2 6 give us some sign you understand any of this
Family means nobody gets left behind,
Fine you're doing what he says uh he's very persuasive
Flying by on a hawaiian roller coaster ride
Flying by on a hawaiian roller coaster ride (2)
Friendly cousin
Gantu what's going on
Get me galactic control
Get me Galactic Control.
Get off of her!
Get out of here stitch
Girls shh lilo
Go ahead! then you'll be happy because it'll be smarter than me too!
Go away
Go pick someone out
Go to your room!
Go! go! go!
Good day
Good dog
Good now kiss her
Good puppy now get into bed
Grand councilwoman let me explain
Gunfire in the cell bay!
Ha! ooh
Hands on your hips now follow my lead
Hang loose hang ten howzit shake a shaka no worry no fear ain't no biggy brahda
Hang up we are going swimming
Have you captured 6 2 6 or not
Have you lost your mind
Hawaiian roller coaster ride
Hawaiian roller coaster ride (2)
Hawaiian roller coaster ride (3)
He can see in the dark and move objects 3000 times his size
He cannot swim!
He got away i'm sure this comes as no surprise to you
He hasn't been here that long neither have i
He inoa no kalani kalakaua kulele
He is bulletproof fireproof and can think faster than supercomputer
He used to be a collie before he got ran over
He was an orphan and we adopted him!
He will be irresistibly drawn to large cities where he will back up sewers reverse street signs and steal everyone's left shoe
He won't survive in water his molecular density is too great
He won't survive in water. His molecular density is too great.
He's all yours
He's creepy lilo
He's creepy, Lilo.
He's engaged his h drive!
He's headed for the power grid
He's just cranky because it's his bedtime
He's loose on deck c!
He's obviously mutated from something else we have to take him back
He's unconscious but I think he's alive
He's very persuasive.
Heard you lost your job
Heaven knows how you lied to me you're not the way
Helehele mai kakou e
Helehele mai kakou e (2)
Hello cobra bubbles
Hello galactic command experiment 6 2 6 is in custody we'll wait right here
Hello hello
Hello nani hello are you there
Help! I don't like the ocean!
Here! educate yourself
Hey (stitch speaking alien language)
Hey I brought you some pizza in case you were hungry
Hey knock it off!
Hey lilo
Hey lilo!
Hey nani! is that your dog uh
Hey over here little buddy
Hey what are you doing stop that stitch! hey!
Hey, knock it off!
Hey, over here, little buddy.