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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A bear like you, little buddy. Look, listen to me. Come on. Come on.
A big one, right from your toes.
A disgraceful performance associating with those undesirable scatterbrained apes.
A family of wolves, I knew had been blessed with a litter of Cubs.
A good spired partners, you'd better believe it.
A little bit of a ohh go away.
A man cub. Ohh this is treason. Sabotage. I'll have no man.
A parade.
A silly Jimmy. Come on, baggy, get with a B.
About. Play don't you realize that you're a human?
Absolutely nothing in the middle.
Accura. I'm getting a little sleepy. Shouldn't we start back home?
Actually, beat business and listen. This will take brains, not Braun. You better believe it, and I'm loaded with both.
Again you morning. What is that you hit him with son. That was a bad necessity.
Again. Hey Peggy, too bad you missed the action you should have.
Against the kid. He hates man with a vengeance, you know that because he fears man's gun and man's fire. But.
Ah, man, that's what I call a swinging party.
Ah, that's what I like to see. Devotion to duty.
Ah! You have spirit for one so small,
Ain't no champions or champions, yeah.
All right, now kid. Loosen up, get real loose, and then start the weave, weave a little. Now move. That's it.
All right. What's up, viguera?
All that sort of thing, you know? Just gone far enough, far enough.
All the time. Huh. Sure you did.
Always March from here to there, and it doesn't matter where.
An extraordinary performance
And another thing,
And As for you. Ohh there you are.
And beware, don't pick the prickly pear, but the paw. When you pick a pair, try to use the claw.
And beyond the call of your day. Ah, those were the days. Discipline. Discipline was a thing. Bill's character, all that sort of thing, you know?
And don't spend your time looking around for something you want that can't be found. When you find out you can live without it and go along not thinking about it, I'll tell you.
And for you.
And furthermore, Baloo,
And furthermore, below mogley seems to have man's ability to get into trouble. And your influence hasn't been exactly.
And good luck. Come on baloo. Oh, we got it.
And he has sworn to kill you. Kill me. But why would he want to do that?
And helpless just one swipe. Oh.
And I better look. Wait a minute.
And I must continue my search for the helpless little lad.
And I swear, get in there. It's you.
And I'll take care of them. Yeah. It's like you did when the monkeys kidnapped him, huh?
And it's red fire, but I don't know how to make fire.
And jungle? Well then. Lay it on the line for you.
And leave me alone. That's just what I should do, but I'm not.
And my jungle. It's not your jungle. Pull it.
And now for my rendezvous with the little Lost man cub.
And now? How about the middle?
And people think you better believe it.
And ruins. Ohh, I'd hate to think what will happen when he meets that king of theirs.
And solid gone blue.
And speciation harms.
And stay here in the jungle with me. That's just the point. As long as he remains with you, he's in danger.
And thank you for detaining my victim.
And that's all. I'll just look at him. What a poor little fella. You know he must be down on his luck. Yeah, or you wouldn't be in our neighborhood.
And then one night, the Wolf Pack elders met at Council rock because Shere Khan the tiger had returned to their part of the jungle.
And very a Panther, would you? I don't even know what you're talking about.
And village right now. I'm not going.
And we did it. We were just having a bit of fun, that's all.
And when you are alive. Ohn comes around. Round two pluck you give us a smile. When you are down, when you are done. And.
And when you're lost in tha need, it was at your side and lightning speed with friend.
And yet I knew that someday he would have to go back to his own kind.
And you don't come for me, they'll come to you.
And your influence hasn't been exactly...
And yourself do do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do.
Anymore you wanna be a man, man, 11 orange, orange. You drank, you drank.
Ariana's worried. I was just taking five, you know, playing a cool.
Around here, I'll speak up. Who was it? No.
As your son, why not?
Ask time what happened to Mowgli like.
Baba Guerra, me and Baloo. We've got things to do.
Back in 88 was a was it?
Back to the man village. The man village. Now look.
Back to where we belong and get with the beat.
Bagheera. How? I.
Bagura. Bucky ran.
Ballou you've got to be serious about ohh stop.
Balls for some big scratch. Still.
BB an extraordinary performance.
Be banasa.
Be do and with. Well, what have we here?
Beautiful. This part where balloon fell. Will always be a hallowed place in the jungle. So there lies one of nature's noblest creatures.
Because I slept then you should also know that everyone runs from shirkhan.
Because let me tell you something, little britches.
Because you are put me down.
Being a bear? That's my boy. And you're going to make one swell bear. Why are you even saying like 1?
Being bully. You have it again, kid. Hit him again, kid. Go on.
Believe it now let's go once more now.
Better brand apes. I hope Molly learned something from that experience.
Big Bear.
Big day. It was a real Socceroo.
Blimey, he's got legs like a stalky ass locker stalker, but he ain't got no feathers.
Blue, get up. Oh, please get up.
Bob, Bob. Easy. He's got a tiger by the tail he has. They'd better hang on too.
Boo Boo. No men.
Born in the jungle, our son.
Born, discovered, you whooping these Hebrew those up. Yeah.
Bouguerra, where are we going?
Boy, when you flick a fly, you really.
Bring me all coils, would you call? Certainly not.
Broken by an unfamiliar sound. Does a sound.
Buddy down police had a big day. It was a.
Buggy racing.
But he will confirm. Well, word. Much.
But I love that kid. I love him like he was my own cub. Then think of.
But I still think he'd have made one swell bear.
But Kira, what's the matter with him?
But Umm oh, I have my own subtle little ways. But first. You must trust me.
But well, can't.
But when I'm speaking to you, please come.
But why would he want to do that? He hates man.
But why? Because Sheikhan has returned to this part of the jungle. And he has sworn to kill you.
But would rather scroll to a water hole. In the shade.
But you must remember mogley. Greater love hath no one than he who lays down his life for his friend.
But you said we were partners now believe me, kid, I just like.
But, but yeah.
But. Well, keep it up, dude. 31 beast.
By swinging scene, all right? Ah, come off it then you're right. Dead all over.
Can I do it too? Sure, just do what I do, but don't.
Can I wait until morning? It's morning now.
Can you please come both eyes if you please?
Car. It's you.
Carp. And he said an elephant never forgets.
Chance. Now I'm going to close my eyes and count to him. It makes the chase more interesting. For me.
Climb. It's too big around.
Coils? Someone? Oh, no.
Come back out. That means stop.
Come back. Go on. Go on.
Come on baloo. Oh, we got to do this. Look for the bare necessities. Some good old bear necessities will get about your worries and your strife.
Come on up this tree. Be safer up there.
Come on, baggy buddy, let's get back to where we belong and go.
Come on, baggy, get with a B. The bare necessities of life will come to you.
Come on, Baloo.
Come on, come on, Baloo. Now, mugly, stop it. Now, now, hold still. I I want to tell you something. Now listen to me.
Come on, kid, we need a tenner.
Come on, kid, we need a tenner. Friends are four.
Come on.
Come to you. How about scratching that old left shoulder while you're up there, mogley?
Come to you. Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities. Forget about your worries and your strife.
Command highly irregular, no ohh canal. I'm sorry but but I need your help.
Confidence. Well if I told you ohh I get.
Cooler fall apart in my backyard.
Could have heard this. It's best we leave now. Come along, mamko.
Couldn't get him, champ. He ain't no champ. He's a champ.
Crazy. I'm not as crazy as you are. Put me down.
Deep sleep.
Didn't know what happened? Well, you you're not going to believe the geara, but look now I use.
Different than our own son. Now you help find him or I'm taking over command.
Do look flat. First I say what we're going to do. Then you say I don't know what you want to do, then I'll say what we're.
Do something with that kid. Come on.
Do that here the technical know you're tickling. I I can't stand that tickling.
Do we do? Do we do? We will do. You do.
Do you see someone like me? Can learn to be like someone like me.
Do you suppose he could be search me?
Does he'll get mogley while he's young and helpless?
Does this sound like one never heard before in this part of the jungle?
Doesn't matter where you can hear my voice through the deepest push. Well. Military air.
Doing out of ranks? Never mind.
Doing real good. Now here's your part of the deal, cuz.
Doing trailing.
Don't cut that out, cool little boy. Unwind yourself.
Don't know who I am. I know you are right.
Don't worry about me.
Done. OK, pop Sir.
Done. Wrong.
Doobie Doo. Well, it's a dooby Doo. Yes, it's a dooby Doo I mean a doobie doobie doobie doobie doobie Doo.
Doobie doobie doobie Doo.
Dovie. I'd like to have a word with you.
Dress up deadline.
El Stripes took off like a fliming comedy dip well.
Element of surprise. I say.
Entertaining my victim? Don't mention it. You're honest.
Eyes are blue with Pussycat ears.
Eyes front.
Father is hunting in the forest. Father's cooking in the.
Feet are killing me. I'm putting in for a transfer to another herd.
Find him. Or if anything happens to that little guy, I'll never forgive myself. I gotta fly.
Find teacher, you Harold? I unpause.
Fine. That's what that scandal is after.
Fire. Now. Don't try to kid me, man cub, I made a deal with you.
Fire. That's the only thing I'll straps is afraid of. You get.
First, the faster, faster.
Flap over the east side of the jungle. They've always got a bit of action, a bit of a swinging scene all right.
Fooling we helped this little lad.
For a disreputable sight, well, you don't look exactly like a basket of fruit yourself.
For a human, I'm not anymore, balou.
For a man cub, man cub. What man cub?
For me, when you look under the rocks and plants and take a glance at the fancy ants, then maybe try a few.
For the deal, cause laid a secret on me of man's red fire.
Forget about those. They ain't nothing but trouble.
Forgotten something? No.
Friends. We are all friends. We are friends. We are your friends to the bitter end. When?
From anyone. Ah, you have spiritual ones so small, and such spirit is deserving of a sporting chance.
From pettish. And it occurred to me.
Get out what you wanna do, then I'll say what we're going to do. You say what you want to do, what we gotta do, what you want. Let's do something.
Getting along. It was a favorite with all the young wolf Cubs of the pack.
Getting mad, baby.
Give me back my man. Come. Here he is. Come again.
Given you a clue. Golly, that's blue.
Glad we're here.
Go ahead, laugh. I don't care.
Go on.
Go to YouTube.
Going back, I'm taking you to a man village.
Going to be like me? The disgraceful performance.
Good and old King Louie Papa do baby, that's me can fix it for you.
Good morning.
Good show. And now I must continue my search for the helpless little lad.
Good. And ol' King Louie...
Got bad.
Got it. That's little boy is no different than our own son.
Got offline. Mowgli. Boldly.
Got that? I'm gone, man. Solid gone.
Got there. Yeah, that's better.
Grade and besides, that's enough. Spend the night here. Things will look better in the morning.
Great. The Dawn patrol again.
Half a big hearted, OK, you guys asked. For now.
Happy, I've reached the top and had to stop and that's what's bothering me.
Has reached its decision. The man cub condo no longer stay with the pack.
Have a banana that you want to stay in the jungle.
Have those things here. Calm won't wait until he does.
Have two bananas. Have we got a deal?
Have we got a deal? Yeah, sure I'm doing. I'll do anything. Stand in jungle.
He belonged. And now, Sir, if you don't mind, we'd like to get on with the March.
He hates man. And she had Khan is not going to allow you to grow up to become a man.