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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A couple of our friends are about to get squeezed and we can't let that happen
Aerial says we are cut off
Ah shit!
Ain't no way for no soldier to die
Air surveillance says we've got guerrillas all over the place
And I don't do this kind of work
And my orders were to get somebody we knew it could crack these bastards!
And this year it grows hot
And why didn't he try and kill one of us
Anna this thing is hunting us all of us you know that
Another thing major they were lucky
Any time
Any time (2)
Apparently they strayed off course
Are you sayin' that blain and hawkins were killed by a fuckin' lizard
As soon as they're set I hit the fuel dump
Ask her ask her what she saw ask her what happened to hawkins
Ask her what happened
Awacs contact on four hour intervals
AWACS contact on four hour intervals. Who's our backup?
Bad idea
Been acting squirrelly all morning
Billy break left
Billy poncho the guard
Billy what the hell is wrong with you
Billy you know something what is it
Billy! billy let's go!
Billy! billy!
Billy's on it
Blain's body it's gone
Blazer one I repeat extraction necessary
Bleed bastard
Bleed, bastard.
Buddy buddy buddy buddy!
Bullshit you ain't afraid of no man
Bullshit you're just like the rest of us
Bullshit! that's not what she said!
Bunch of slack jawed faggots around here!
Bunch of slack jawed faggots around here!
But if they're central american i'm a goddamn china man
Can't be more than one two miles away
Can't say major
Clear the area no traces
Come on come on! do it! do it!
Come on come on! kill me! i'm here! kill me!
Come on get up would you get up
Come on in you fuckers come on in
Come on inside
Come on poncho
Come on sweetheart stop sandbaggin' it now get up
Come on why'd you pass
Come on! do it now! kill me!
Come on! quickly! hurry up!
Come on.
Cos some damn fool accused you of being the best
Dame el arma!
Dame el arma! dame el arma!
Dame la mano!
Damn bastards
Damn good to see you dutch
Delta one zero to two leader
Did you find hawkins i
Dillon better get on the radio
Dillon we make a stand now or there will be nobody left to go to the chopper
Dillon! dillon!
Dime mujer! quien fue dime!
Do you remember afghanistan trying to forget it come on let's go
Do you think you could have found something bigger
Don't fuck with me
Don't fuck with me. Mac?
Don't! leave it it didn't kill you because you weren't armed
Dutch on your nine!
El diablo cazador de hombres
El que hace trofeos de los hombres means the demon who makes trophies of man
Forget about my tie man
Found the other guy he's dead too and the gear from the chopper
From the looks of it our cabinet minister was cia
Fuck you
Fuck you poncho fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fucking lizard!
General my team always works alone you know that
Get ahead and see what you can find yes sir
Get con op on the hook!
Get in come on ok! did you get it
Get ramirez on his feet and get to the chopper
Get that mother!
Get that stinkin' shit out of my face
Get the men ready to move all right
Get the radio forget the rest
Get your people the hell outta here
Give me the weapon!
Go ahead ask her
Go on
Go on (2)
Go on. Simple setup. One day operation.
Goddamn jackpot this is more than we ever thought we'd get
Good old days yeah like the good old days
Good work mac
Goodbye bro
Got us in here to do your dirty work
Got you motherfucker! I got you!
Got you, motherfucker! I got you!
Green berets out of fort bragg
Guerrillas hauling two guys from the chopper followed by men with american equipment
Guess i've picked up some bad habits from you
Had enough
Hawkins call in position and situation
Hawkins dillon backup
Hawkins you're up
Hawkins, Dillon backup. As soon as they're set, I hit the fuel dump.
Hawkins, you're up.
He came in to get the body
He couldn't see me
He couldn't see me.
He didn't disappear he was skinned alive!
He killed one of the hostages we move
He was a good soldier
He was there
He was uh my friend
He's busted up pretty bad major
He's killing us one at a time like a hunter
He's losing his cool
He's using the trees
He's using the trees.
Heat seeker dillon
Hell it's like they just disappeared
Here we are again bro just you and me
Hey billy billy!
Hey billy give me a way out of this hole
Hey dutch dutch!
Hey que pasa amigo
Hold it i'm going after mac
Hold it! hold it!
Hold it. I'm going after Mac. That's not your style, Dillon.
Holy mother of god
Holy mother of God
Hopper what they did the same thing to jim hopper
Hopper's orders were to go in and get my men and he disappeared
Hostages inside!
How could anyone get through this and carry out blain without us knowing it
How much time half an hour maybe less
I ain't got time to bleed oh ok
I can make it I can make it
I can't believe hopper walked into an ambush
I can't find a single track
I can't tell
I don't believe he did
I don't care who you are back in the world
I don't know dutch
I don't know I only saw one of them camouflaged
I don't know what it was
I don't know.
I got 'em!
I got a score to settle
I got you motherfucker I killed you you fuck
I guess it's nothing major
I guess they're getting better equipped every day
I hear you this shit's somethin'
I heard about that little job you pulled off in berlin
I knew these men
I know one thing major I drew and fired straight at it capped off 200 rounds in the minigun full pack
I picked up some bad habits from you. Get your people the hell outta here.
I saw it you saw what I saw it
I saw something
I see it yeah I see it
I see you
I see you.
I think it's hawkins
I think this is what you're looking for
I want a defensive position above that ridge mined with everything we've got
I want hawkins' body found
I woke up why don't you
I wouldn't waste that on a broke dick dog
I'll move up around get in back of him flush him toward you
I'm afraid we all have our orders major
I'm afraid we all have our orders, Major.
I'm coming!
I'm goin' in with you dutch
I'm gonna cut your name into him
I'm gonna have me some fun
I'm gonna have me some fun tonight
I'm here! kill me! come on! kill me! i'm here!
I'm scared poncho
I'm taking her back we're out of here in 5 minutes
I've seen some bad ass bush before man but nothin' like this
If it bleeds we can kill it
Instead of complaining maybe you should help
It came in through the tripwires took it right out from under our noses
It can see our tripwires maybe it can't see this
It changed colours like the chameleon
It comes with the job I can accept it
It just doesn't make sense
It just doesn't make sense. What about the rest of Hopper's men?
It uses the jungle
It's all bullshit all of it the cabinet minister the whole business
It's been a long time general
It's time to let old painless out the bag
Its blood was on the leaves
Jesus! you killed a pig what the
Jim hopper
Jim Hopper.
Just hold on to that damn chopper
Just hold on to that damn chopper.
Knock Knock ringtone
Knock, knock.
La selva se lo llevo
Let's get the hostages
Let's go
Lines away
Little taste of home
Long tall sally she's built sweet she got everything that uncle john need
Look at her she's scared out of her mind
Look out
Look the rendez vous is 10 miles away you think the chopper is gonna wait
Mac (2)
Mac blain the nest
Mac cut 'em down
Mac mac
Mac mac look at me!
Mac mac!
Mac mac! where are you
Mac right
Mac where are you
Mac where are you (2)
Mac you take first watch then you get some rest
Mac! any sign of the other hostage
Mac! mac!
Mac! Where are you?