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A boy this was rough for you next time maybe
A deterministic end will find you below
A victory I would be grateful for
About the beginning draws a bat end
Accept the process it is after all well tested
Acting someones penia
Advancing on them over there
After this we should hang out
Ah haven't we landed yet what's the hold up
Ah yes gibraltar wins again haha
Airport trust lead reporter end
All aboard the R train
All it takes is a single stack
All not is in the challenge pride in the victory
Alright let's do this it'll be fine if not well you know we all make bad choices you live you learn
Amateur hour is over time for the babies
And afraid of you you hear me
And defense are darya over there
And if you ask me you weren't half bad that means you have good
And much like this is much more than shooting a gun
And so for that I look
And that was intense i'm going to go run a victory lap
And that's what you get for trying to outrun me
Another day another road
Another trial another test subject
Anyone want to take me out come find me i'll buy the drinks
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Apex Legends Soundboard Sound
Artillery sounds like music to maine
As a smart had been there before us
As seen it dad today not different
At least you didn't lose to the ring right
Awesome battle maybe next time
Bad effect on target work
Be careful I don't wear all this gear for nothing
Be honest you know this would end here
Beautiful god clean
Before I find you
Being fundamentally better sours the taste of victory
Better win for me amigo
Big dens are coming for us
Big small doh matter you just target practice to me
Blessings upon me and pleasure in
Blue thing over there to strengthen our fight
Bow out is everything you only think you have it
Break a leg monometer steel
Britt is it over for you
Brush it tough you lost this one
But that would be proud of me
By the time you see me coming i'll be going and you'll be gone
Call you didn't even look like your having fun lighten up amigo
Can't catch you can't see
Cancel that
Cancel that
Cancel that
Cancel that
Cancel that
Cancel that
Catch me if you can
Champion challenger means little if your die
Chat and ready
Close combat gets messy
Come get a
Come get some move it or die
Come on
Come on step up
Come on use your head
Come on you can't forget this face look at it
Come up
Consider your circuit working get it
Contact that spot out there
Contact with a style
Controls it change control C arena
Currently at the top of my game david
Damn blame yourself you got a whole squad it failed you
Damn do impressed
Dan worry it's easy bleed patch and keep moving
Dead keeps chasing me but I keep him in my rearview
Death for the week so be it
Death is a paradoxical quest it ends but never truly begins
Death is just the heart of electrical impulses to the brain
Death is not material it's patient
Decaf and let us here today embrace it
Defending that location
Device killed by the evidence
Did you have as much fun as me hello
Did you like my moves my grapple is very useful
Did you think the trigger would pull itself
Didn't expect to see me up here did you they never do
Disorders relentless I embrace it
Display seen activity
Do not even worth the chalk to tally
Do not regret stay help good faith
Do you feel that adrenaline surging through your veins no just me
Don't be fooled i'm a man of science
Don't be shocked and know what i'm doing
Don't beat yourself up leave that to me that was a joke
Don't blame yourself
Don't blame yourself I deserve the credit
Don't blame yourself I knew where you would be
Don't blame yourself play me
Don't blow a fuse get it
Don't bring a pistol to an artillery fight
Don't confuse my kindness for weakness
Don't go well I tell them to go
Don't let your bones and your faith
Don't look for sympathy you won't find it
Don't nice amy boom you're dead
Don't rush to your ends I linger on those final moments
Don't worry about my legs getting tired I made sure that will never happen again
Don't worry I got a prosthetics guy who can replace well everything
Don't worry I would have gotten you either way sector sagged
Don't worry i'll defend over there
Don't worry i'm just perfect
Don't worry there was no way out of this
Don't worry you won't be the only person I beat today
Down S I want
Download too slow
Drop shocked and rocks say hello to the four oh first
Dude you should totally go response so we can do that again
Each one gets me one step closer to what I want
Electricity I get people I don't that's how I got here
Electrons are the same but repel each other you and I are no different
Enemies over there i'm going to attack
Enemy overdue
Enemy spotted
Enemy spotted way out there like little cucarachas
Entropy is the natural order of the universe
Even gunpowder needs a spark
Ever heard of a stock barrel stabilizer how 'bout skills
Every decision counts
Every decision counts
Everyday is a new victory
Everything 's gonna be great that's what I keep telling myself
Except it i'm here you're not
Exciting #apex legends #trailer #pathfinder
Excuse me inspecting that area for loot
Experiment will sort out the capable from the incompetent
Father fights this one was really good fight this one was
Fear has ruled your actions today
Fight at the end is decided
Find a way
Find me an driven battle
Find the mall
Fire die
First one through the doors user the first one in a body bag
First you lose your cool then you lose your head
Focus that is how I defeated you
Follow me if you want to attack over there
Follow my path to win
Forget I said anything
Forget that
Forget that
Forget that
Forget that
Forget that
Forget that
Forget that
Free tip just try a little bit harder you almost have
Friends i'm going to lewd over there
From quick and i'll finish this
Funny friend
Fuses set and capacitors charged
Get ready for a world of hurt
Get ready i'm coming for you friend
Gibraltar 's covered for you
Give rhonda you lost this time
Given up is nothing I would do
Go to my google set on that area
God enemies
Going for the kill over there
Going to defend this area they'll run when they see me
Going to do some loot in there
Going to examine that area
Going to explore here
Going to explore over there
Going to explore over there
Going to go in for the kill over there
Going to go to that spot
Going to hold that position over there
Going to lay some lead downrange
Going to lock down that area
Going to raise hell over there who's with me
Going to recon that way
Going to spy on that area
Going to watch this spot no ones getting by me
Gone to explore here
Gonna check for lucia
Good choice for me
Good day to see death
Good fight good fight
Good initiative bad judgment try again
Good job
Good luck brought us
Good luck have fun don't die
Good match
Good squad means good wins means good times
Good was the light
Good wonderful
Good work let's remain friends
Got an opening attacking here
Got one spotted
Got you
Gotta feeling going to watch that spot
Gotta feeling pastors have been there
Grappling makes things much easier try it sometime
Great moves friend sorry you lossed
Greta will eat your mortar thorough
Growth and owner of the old father
Ha this is my favorite part
Haha that was all I needed brother
Harder faster stronger
Have you prepared for your end I have
He brought up not today maybe tomorrow
He's using their hair this is called a magazine
Heads up for a poker factor
Heads up someone 's been there
Hedjet share will be wet and for your down there