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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A couple steps back
A golden haired angel watches over him
A little of this will help
A lot
A name a name on a grave
Aaaah! aaah!
Adios half soldier
After all what good is the money to you if you're dead
After receiving his payment in advance he deserted the wagon train on the hunting grounds of the sioux indians
After that then what
After you please start walking
All of us reek of alcohol
All right
All right put a fresh bandage on him
All right what's he doing sleeping
All right you dirty skunk get your ass off the bed
Amigo I said the other side and that's enough
An armed unit escorting a cash box of gold coins meets a yankee ambush and only three of them are saved
And any other aliases he might have
And contrary to the laws of this state the condemned is guilty of using marked cards and loaded dice
And headquarters has declared we must take that ridiculous flyspeck even if all of us are killed
And keep your eyes open the area is full of yankees
And people talk bullshit
And rich like you're going to be
And shorty
And so blondie it's goodbye
And that's not all
And the attractions don't stop there
And the desert lies ahead of them
And the lord have mercy on your soul
And the sheriff's office in sonora
And there isn't any partner this time to shoot you down
And they're going to beat the south
And tuco is he no not yet but he's in very good hands
And what if they were still alive worse
And when he's found i'd be scared to be put in his shoes
And you have you ever heard of someone named canby no
And you i'm with him
And you outside of evil what else have you managed to do
And your mother your mother! she's
Any reason for being around here
Anything else
Are our men treated that well in andersonville camp
Are you reading when this man is dying
Are you sure yeah sure i'm sure
As you can see we are treated very well
Baker has nothing
Bank robbery highway robbery robbing an unknown number of post offices breaking out
Be sure these two get good treatment
Bill carson!
Bill carson! (2)
Bill carson! I said bill carson!
Bill carson's name's written in it
Blondie ask blondie he knows the name on the grave
Blondie don't die blondie don't die i'm your friend please don't die please i'm your friend come on blondie come on blondie
Blondie hey blondie
Blondie i'm very happy you're working with me and we're together again
Blondie the money's on the other side of the river
Blondie what's the matter please don't die
Blondie you realize we might be risking our lives
Blondie! (2)
Blondie! (3)
Blondie! (4)
Blondie! it's all ours blondie
Blue or gray
Both sides want the bridge intact intact is how the south wants it and we want it intact too
Burns huh they say people with fair skin can't take too much
But as long as i'm commandant I won't permit any such trickery am I clear yes just as long as you're the commandant
But but i'm very sorry but the store's closing
But I pray I can manage to have enough time to amass evidence and bring to a court martial all those who discredit and dishonor the uniform of the union
But if you miss you had better miss very well
But it must have a name or a number on it huh there must be a thousand five thousand
But let's talk about you it's more important
But no one will set foot in this hell except you and me
But people are saying you got killed in albuquerque
But since i'm alive and i've noticed we'll be crossing yankee and confederate lines a few times
But then the army decides of course it ought to hold a hearing and jackson's acquitted
But what I lack is the guts
But when i'm paid I always see the job through
But while the confederates are there we can't get across
But who knows where they are now
But you don't know just who you're looking for and I do
But you know the pity is when i'm paid I always follow my job through you know that
But you won't enjoy any of that money not a penny if there's justice in the world that money will go to the undertakers every penny of it
Canby's front line is right on their heels
Canby's men are coming here
Cannon fire or storm it's all the same to you
Captain all companies are awaiting your orders be right there
Carson bill carson
Carson carson yeah yeah glad to meet you carson
Carson has a patch over one eye he's with the third
Carson my name is bill carson now it's carson
Clem follow him
Come along now follow me
Come back! come back and fight! you bastard
Come back! wait! blondie! listen blondie
Come closer
Come here
Come on
Come on come on
Come on come on the party's over
Come on in tuco don't be bashful there's no formalities here
Come on saddle your horses
Come on you dummy talk
Companies forward!
Companies report!
Company b ready!
Company d ready!
Company e ready!
Corn cobs dixie style
Cut it out! cut it out!
Cut me loose! cut me loose you filthy bastard!
Cut me loose! cut me loose!
Cut this rope off!
Did I do wrong it doesn't matter i'm very happy
Do you have parents blondie a mother not even a mother no one
Doc doctor could you help me live a little more I expect good news
Doctor quick the captain's wounded
Don't die huh don't die i'll get you water stay there don't move i'll get you water don't die until later you son of a
Don't die like that pig
Don't drink don't drink is no good for you
Don't you recognize me
Easy easy easy easy attaboy that's nice
Eh mmm hmm
Enough enough I talk I talk
Especially when they've come from so far away and have so much to talk about and you do have a lot to talk about haven't you
Even a filthy beggar like that has got a protecting angel
Even the armies are afraid to march through there
Even to think of destroying that bridge is just
Even when judas hanged himself there was a storm too
Every gun makes its own tune
Father did he ask for me did he speak about anything father
Father did he speak did he say anything
Father is he still breathing yes of course
Feel better
Five for you and five for me
Five for you one two three four five for me
Flyspeck on headquarters' maps
For all these crimes the accused has made a full spontaneous confession
For the last time sergeant i'm telling you I want the prisoners treated as prisoners
For this sir is the most potent weapon in war the fighting spirit's in this bottle
Forgery and murder
Four for you and four four for me
From the way the wounded are pouring into this place we better get the hell out of here before we get caught up in the war
General sibley
Gentlemen tell the captain yes sir
Get away from there
Get going
Get in
Get off that horse get off that horse you filthy coward!
Get the hell out
Get things ready
Glad they got him a man guilty of all those crimes
Go ahead
Go back and tell him that
Go on preach me a sermon pablo
Go on talking about bill carson I don't know him
God help me it's my fault mine mine mine mine
God is with us because he hates the yanks too!
God's not on our side 'cause he hates idiots also
Halt take your places
Halt! left face! form a single file move!
Have some it's bill carson's tobacco
Have you ever heard of anyone by the name of bill carson
He also mentioned something about a certain cash box which just happened to disappear
He disappears and becomes bill carson
He lives with a girl called maria who'll tell you
He looks dead
He said quite a bit that should interest you and one or two things that interested me
He should regain his strength in a very short time
He's away at the moment he should be back any day now
He's dead yeah
He's finally getting out of our hair
He's not wrong
He's still alive well he seems to be
He's tall blond he smokes a cigar and he's a pig
Hear that
Hear that boys come on out here
Here corporal bill carson third regiment 2nd cavalry squadron arriving from san rafael is that enough
Here remington colt a roat smith wesson colt navy joslyn another remington and this one is that's enough
Here to the northwest through all of texas
Here you are here this is for you you did a good job for me worth 500 dollars
Here's the sierra magdalena going this way we cross the rio grande
Hey amigo you know you've got a face beautiful enough to be worth 2000 dollars
Hey angel eyes
Hey blondie
Hey blondie angel eyes is mine huh all right
Hey blondie did you hear that good treatment yeah
Hey blondie here's water water blondie
Hey blondie how the hell did you get out of that pigsty
Hey blondie isn't that angel eyes
Hey blondie it looks like the captain is really asking for a bullet in his guts yeah
Hey blondie! you know what you are just a dirty son of a bitch!
Hey corporal afraid he'll get lost
Hey everybody look look he's giving him the filthy money
Hey father i
Hey luke hand me down a whiskey
Hey open up! open up! hurry!
Hey pablo
Hey wake up you the troops are coming come on
Hijo de una gran puta!
Hmm #the good the bad and the ugly #hmm #tuco #clint eastwood
Hold it that's it don't move now don't breathe still that's it got it thank you
Hoorah for general what's his name lee lee! lee!
Hoorah! down with general grant!
Hoorah! hoorah for the confederacy!
Horse theft theft of supplies belonging to the union army theft of supplies belonging to the confederate army
How much 100 dollars
How much 20 dollars
How much 2000 dollars
How much are you worth now
How peaceful and quiet amigo like a cemetery for instance
How's your digestion now
Hurray for dixie! hurray! hurray for dixie!
Hurry a stretcher easy easy now
Hut two three four hut two three four
I believe madam is home
I can't tell baker what happened to the money
I can't while you're watching me
I didn't tell you my brother was in charge here everything like the pope almost he's in charge in rome
I don't give a god damn what they do in andersonville
I don't I don't know what you're talking about
I don't know as soon as I hit the desert i'm thirsty
I don't know the right thing
I don't know where he is he packed his things ten days ago and went away with his unit they all left
I don't shoot the rope I shoot the legs off the stool