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Ah good just as the blueprints said an abandoned construction elevator
Another thing don't use the elevator it's a death trap
Did your ears pop coming up in the elevator mine did
Don't go near the elevator man! that's just what they want us to do trap us in a steel box take us down to the basement come here
Elevators ain't runnin'
I get in the elevator I get on a taxi I get on a plane and i'm home
I remembered the girl we'd had a problem with her in the elevator a few hours earlier
I'll be waiting at the elevator
It's as far as the elevator goes we gotta walk up to the tower
Let's get outta here where's the elevator
Perfect the elevators are locked off he can't escape
Save your money for a pair of elevator shoes!
Take the service elevator meet me in the batcave emergency very good sir yes
To the elevator boys!
We're on an express elevator to hell going down
Where does that elevator go downstairs obviously to an abandoned submarine dock on the river