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All right we'll settle it like men with our fists
Do you want a fist in the mouth mm mm
I promise you the seven fist is almost invincible
I see you like to chew maybe you should chew on my fist!
I tell you in these last few weeks all the likely contenders have been killed because they all have fallen victim of my 7 fist style
Many men have been killed by my fists obey me or you'll die too
The passengers break the engine they beat each other with fists they throw each other overboard!
There is a style called the five fists but the manual for that was lost years ago
What about the rules it's my fist that makes the rules!
You beat nicky with fists he comes back with a bat
You wouldn't walk in there unless you knew how to use your fists
You're the masters at the five fists!