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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A rolling bear gathers no hair!
And every last inch of me's covered with hair
And she had a lot of hair on her arms I like hair I like hair a lot it means a big bush I like a big bush
But please! it's very important I got a permanent just for the occasion
Did you cut your hair or something you look fabulous I mean you look like a fate worse than death
Don't even talk with all the horses missing their hair here
Good morning starshine #hair #good morning #dawn #first light #sunrise
How many more years do I have before I get fat before my hair falls out before I look like him
I don't know he looks kind of hairy and slobbery to me
I find it hard to look at you very hard especially when you got those things in your hair makes me think you're listening to a radio station in savannah
I made this chain for you I braided it from my hair
I said your hair looks stupid
I'm sorry I bit you and pulled your hair and punched you in the face
If you want some friendly advice get your hair cut and take a bath you wouldn't get hassled so much!
It's a dingle hopper humans use these little babies to straighten their hair out
It's terrible! she has beautiful eyes and her hair smells like cinnamon!
Lieutenant that haircut is not regulation rather on the gaudy side don't you think
Lips red as the rose hair black as ebony skin white as snow
My crown is a symbol of my king like authority and uh between you and me my hair is thinning a bit
Now that's what I call a dandruff problem
Only an overgrown mop head like you would be stupid enough
Tell him to comb his goddamn hair like a bunch of spiders is having a meeting on his head
The power of flight invulnerability and great hair
Well I hate to tell you this but your hair looks like an easter egg
What did she give him a lock of hair from her chest
Whoa! another freak show candidate how do you cut your hair rook vegematic
Will somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way
Ya got an aesthetically pleasing configuration of hair that humans go nuts over
You know how bright and coppery and gold like a young chestnut horse is running in the bright sun well her hair is something like that
You well i'm parting my hair a little bit differently
Your hair has changed your appearance now is what we call residual self image