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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ariel please! will you get your head out of the clouds and back in the water where it belongs
Clean blood makes for a clear head clear head makes for straight thinking
Come on kid! concentrate! use your head!
Get your head and your ass wired together or I will take a giant shit on you
Headquarters headquarters come in please this is code name hard head
Hey lady where you going with a head like that
Hey lady! it's against the rules to throw other people's heads you're only allowed to throw your own head
His head's gone it's like it's been erased erased from existence
Holy shit! you see that fucking head come apart man I never seen brains like that before man
I had a little drink about an hour ago and it's gone right to my head
I hit him two good whacks with it that second 'un just plumb near cut his head in two
I want you to exit this guy off the premises and use his head to open the fucking door
I wasn't looking at its feet! I was a bit preoccupied with its heads or maybe you didn't notice there were three!
I'm just saying sometimes you get a knock on the head you get special powers it happens all the time read a comic book okay
In the end I had to put his fuckin' head in a vise
Kill the body the head will die ali frazier fight crazy shit a proper end to the '60s
Me bite off head!
Mind blown #speechless #shocked #wow #reaction #surprised #didnt know that #explosion #brain #head
Mind blown #wow #shocked #amazing #cant believe #unbelievable #explosion #head #explodes
My giant blue head!
My hat blew off daddy I hope your goddamn head was in it
Nearly headless how can you be nearly headless like this
No! don't pull on her head! she's recovering from surgery
Now maybe you'll think twice before you freeze someone's head!
Oh your head looks swollen actually she's just ugly
One fine night a 5 inch shell is gonna blow the top of your head right off
Shit you're trying to cure the headache by cutting off the head
Somebody's head is going to roll for this!
Someone's head will roll for this yours! off with her
That's what i'm saying my head's all tied up like a pretzel I got a pretzel in my head
The last time you took these fucking pills you put your head in the fucking macaroni I had to pick it up
We don't hate him we just want to play with him especially his head
We'll do exactly what he did to us i'm gonna burn his head with a blowtorch then we can smash his face with an iron!
We're not safe till his head is mounted on my wall! I say we kill the beast!
What are you doing I almost crushed your head like a melon
Where is fancy bred in the heart or in the head
Where's my head where's your fuckin' balls
You best unfuck yourself or I will unscrew your head and shit down your neck
You could be great you know it's all here in your head