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But you have no right to call me a murderer you have a right to kill me you have a right to do that but you have no right to judge me
Excellent judge yeah sure not!
He had all the judges and politicians in his pocket he refused to share them
How did that gargoyle get to be a judge
I bet the judge is having a good time yeah
I know a lawyer it'd be better if you knew a judge
I'm as much an attorney as you are a judge
If don corleone had all the judges and the politicians in new york then he must share them or let others use them
Judge is female
Judges have handed out over 15000 man years of incarceration time based on my investigations ok
Now judge we don't want any harsh words to spoil this friendly little get together
Oh listen to me judge I was framed!
She knows all about you judge she wants to meet you she told me so herself
Thank heaven my father will be the judge
The judge gave jimmy and me 10 years like he was giving away candy
The judge gets to you boy he's gonna turn you every way but loose
We ran everything we paid off cops we paid off lawyers we paid off judges
What do I give him when we take him in front of the judge thorazine
Why don't you be a real judge for all of the people
You think one poor old judge can make the whole robber's roost behave if anybody can
You will be later judge pop's counting on you bringing law into this territory judge
You're judging me on things I haven't even done yet
You're no more a judge than I am just call yourself a judge