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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Bandit is that your name or your profession
Big snake big worm what kind of name is that
Calvin why do you keep calling me calvin well that is your name isn't it calvin klein it's written all over your underwear
Damn gook names all sound the same
Danny that's my name don't wear it out
Fluffy that thing has a name of course he's got a name he's mine
He took the name metro man defender of metrocity I decided to pick something a little more humble megamind
He was the one that gave me the name diamond he said cause my face was so pretty but he never really looked at my face
Headquarters headquarters come in please this is code name hard head
Hey hey! he knows his name already!
Hey I think i'm gonna change my name oh yeah yeah killer
His name is ralph man
Hmm oh! my name why it's it's oh no no I can't i
I am not victor anymore victor was my nerd name now I am vector!
I don't know if you ever heard of me before but I used to be called the waco kid
I don't like the name lawrence only faggots and sailors are called lawrence
I don't like your jerk off name I don't like your jerk off face I don't like your jerk off behavior and I don't like you jerk off
I used to call the old man funny names iron butt boner once I even called him asshole
I used to date a guy named hoppy in alabama he was quite a jumper too
I'm an american honey our names don't mean shit
I'm maverick maverick did your mother not like you or something
Imbecile! how many times have I told you never use my real name in public!
Is your name by chance ricky bobby
Last time I looked in the dictionary my name is ron burgundy
Let me make it real clear for you he doesn't have a name he's got a program he's product is that clear
My name is all wrong
My name is darth vader
My name is frankenstein!
My name is john rambo
My name's fester it means to rot
Nice shooting son what's your name
Nobody cares about the new guys they don't even want to know your name
Oh dementia what a beautiful name it means insanity
Okay what kind of name is that I don't know it's my name
Or did you change your name to jack daniels
Shame shame! I know your name
She goes by the name of diamond and in this case she's a man's best friend
Snots pretty name we named him that because he's got this sinus condition
So did they give you a name along with all those rippling pectorals
Speaking of names I know a man with a wooden leg named smith what's the name of his other leg
Stop calling me names!
That black book is a bunch of bullshit they got two names from the whole country and one of 'em is still al capone
There's four letters in my name rod how could there be room on your joint for four letters
They don't have a name for what he is
This might be a different hercules yeah! I mean hercules is a very popular name nowadays!
Three day pass to think of a name I know sir we'll name it after you that's not necessary
Titan what's that supposed to mean it was the only name I could trademark
Under the name of sanders which means he had the name over the door in gold letters and he lived under it
What kind of a name is wilbur for a man
What town is this suddenly suddenly what no no that's the name
What's your name fat body
What's your name new hero
What's your name scumbag
What's your name well my name is jim but most people call me jim
Who are you what's your name
Why does that name ring a bell I don't know maybe we owe him money
You can put my name at the top of your christmas list
You can't remember your name no but for some reason I remember yours
You know their first names talk to those clowns
You'd love to prove that wouldn't you get your name into the national geographic
You're as lovely as your name
Your father left us nothing but a legacy of bad debts hidden by a good name that name is the only card we have to play